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Google Apps for Work Now Called G Suite and Includes Five New Features

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Google recently announced that its business solutions package, Google for Work, will now be called Google Cloud and Google Apps for Work will now be called G Suite. CTL is proud to be recognized by Google as a Google Cloud (Formerly Google for Work) Partner to best meet the needs of our customers. With the name change to G Suite comes five new features in these online productivity apps that will allow users to collaborate more efficiently.

What’s New in G Suite?

G Suite is the new name for Google Apps, which includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and other applications. The latest updates to some of these apps follow a recent launch of a feature called Explore in Docs, Slides and Sheets that helps users more easily conduct searches and access dynamically generated formatting and design suggestions. The five new features include the following:

Action Items
A new Action Items capability that allows members in a team or project to assign an action item to another team member in Docs, Slides, or Sheets. Google Docs will automatically detect when a team member types a message about follow-up actions that need to be taken on a task and suggest a potential Action Item to assign to the appropriate individual. Users can also assign a task manually with the new feature. Those assigned a task will receive an email notification informing them of the Action Item that they need to complete.

Badging Feature
It will be easier than ever to identify documents, presentations, or spreadsheets that need attention, thanks to a new badging feature. A badge will appear on any file that has an Action Item assigned to it, or has any unresolved suggestions or questions associated with it.

Smarter Forms
The Forms tool just got an upgrade to help predict the types of questions the user likely wants asked and suggests a list of answers for respondents to choose from, Google product manager Ryan Weber said in a Google blog post announcing the updates.

“Let’s say you’re planning an all-day event at the office and need to know which day works best for your team,” Weber said. “When you type, “What days are you available next week?” Forms will intelligently determine that “Checkbox” is the ideal question type,” and generate responses that the user can add to the question, he said.

Voice Commands to Customize and Format Documents
Google has also announced that it will give G Suite users new ways to format and customize documents, spreadsheets, and slides using voice commands. The update includes support for new voice commands for changing text color, inserting commands and links, deleting words, switching on the microphone, doing voicing typing and formatting documents in different ways.

Slack Integration
Good news for Slack users! Google’s new partnership with Slack will also make it much easier for people using G Suite to team up on a project to bring in files from Drive. Users will also have the ability to create new Slides, Sheets, and Doc files directly in Slack.

When you sign up for G Suite through CTL, you’ll get Gmail’s spam protection, powerful search, and integrated calendars to help you get more done. Enhanced business features include 99.9% guaranteed uptime, no ads, 30GB of storage per user and 24/7 support directly from Google.


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