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Google Calendar Adds Focus Time To Encourage Taking A Break

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With the overwhelming amount of digital meetings and collaboration that has become the new normal thanks to the global pandemic, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. Google has previously baked Time Insights into Calendar to help you see where you’re spending your time and how often you’re sitting in calls, but that only felt like half of the solution.

If you intentionally place blocks of time into my schedule for rest and reflection, you’ll be happy to hear that Google is officially making this a feature. “Focus time” is now going to be a new entry type on your Workspace calendar in place of events, out-of-office, tasks, and appointment slots. This way, you can take some alone time to put your head down, plan, and recover from the hustle and bustle of your everyday work-from-home lifestyle.

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Focus time entries have a different appearance, rocking a headphones icon, and include the option to automatically decline meetings for their duration. You can even manually choose a different color for these events if you’d like for them to stand out a bit more.

If you have a Rapid Release domain, you can start using it as early as today, and as late as November 4, 2021. Those with Scheduled Release domains will have to wait for two weeks starting November 3, 2021, but that’s by design. Now is a great time to train your organization’s members on how to use the new feature, and consider implementing it as a part of your work culture.


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