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Google Meet Gets Upgrades for Better Distance Learning

As students and teachers navigate how to learn and work remotely, Google launched new tools for distance learning to provide an easier experience for everyone. With over 50 new features across Google Meet, Classroom and G Suite to ramp up productivity and collaboration, the goal has been to give the best support to students and teachers with the tools needed to succeed. Here are a few important updates for Google Meet that every educator should take advantage of. 

Moderator controls for virtual classroom

Meeting moderators (i.e. teachers, administrators) will now have more control over virtual classes and meetings to do the following:

  • Settings available that require the moderator to join Google Meet first
  • Ability to manage requests to join meeting 
  • End meetings for all Google Meet participants when the class is finished

More collaboration in Google Meet

It is important for both teachers and students to interact seamlessly and updates to Google Meet are making it easier than ever. With larger tiled views to see up to 49 students at once, teachers can manage their virtual classrooms comfortably being able to keep eyes on everyone.

An updated collaborative whiteboard with Jamboard in Meet is also creating a unique approach to distance learning and encourages students to creatively share their ideas. Learn more about what Jamboards are and how to incorporate into your virtual classroom. 

Upcoming updates include the option to blur or replace backgrounds in Google Meet to spice up the fun and help everyone feel comfortable in the space they’re in to distance learn and collaborate. There will also be a moderator control for this to disable custom backgrounds as necessary!

More 1:1 features in Google Meet

Virtual classrooms can make it more difficult for students to ask for help as compared to a normal classroom setting. An upcoming hand-raising feature will be most helpful to identify and address students that have questions and need more clarification. 

Similar to a typical classroom setup, breakout rooms will allow educators to split students into smaller groups and engage in discussion simultaneously!

Q&A and polling features will be great for students to continuously engage and interact without interrupting ongoing presentations or lessons, and educators will be able to see who is engaging and how the lesson is resonating with students. 

Google Meet has been an essential tool for collaborating remotely, and continuous updates to simplify distance learning will help students and teachers adapt to a virtual classroom setting. Learn more about how to use Google Meet, like how to record a video meeting and be more productive in Google Meet


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