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Google Meet Resources To Help Students and Teachers Succeed

Google Meet has been an essential part of collaborating online, providing so many with a secure and reliable video conferencing solution to carry out their work or school day with no interruption. With ongoing updates and additions of features, Google Meet has become a central hub for connecting communities and it is important that you know the resources available to you and your organization. Check out the official Google Meet page for an overview of all things Google Meet and what you can access right at your fingertips. 

Connect with Google Meet

Beyond the typical sign in and connect through a Google Meet video call, Google Meet has tons of features to enhance a video conferencing experience like recording a video in Google Meet that can be directly shared with students or allowing up to 250 participants (with G Suite Enterprise for Education). With tools like these it is easier than ever to share classroom information and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Moderate with Google Meet

Teachers are considered moderators in Google Meet and have the ability to control access settings. With the option to automatically block anonymous attendees, control who can attend the meeting, and even mute, pin, or remove participants during a meeting. To simulate a classroom environment, moderators are able to control in-chat restrictions to help the classroom lesson flow seamlessly. 

Engage with Google Meet

To further mimic a classroom environment, Google Meet provides the ability to virtually participate with hand raising and digital whiteboards (get Google Jamboard resources here). Students and teachers can customize their backgrounds to focus on learning and cut out distractions. If teachers want a full view of the students, expand visibility of up to 49 participants to get everyone chatting Brady Bunch style. 

Secure with Google Meet

Google Meet is ad-free and data becomes automatically encrypted, along with giving your organization the full rights and control over data and video files produced within Google Meet. Learn more about how Google takes cyber security seriously and a guide for preventing virtual classroom hacks

Google Meet makes collaboration easy and effortless without having to download or install anything beforehand. Also check out the official Google Meet page for Teacher Center training and a Guardian’s Guide to Meet for parents. Visit ctl.net for the latest Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for the best Google Meet experience.