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Google Meet Rolls Out Breakout Room Setup Via Calendar

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At the Learning with Google event, Google completely revamped its education-focused offerings with 50 new features and rebranded G Suite for Education as Google Workspace for Education. During the event, they announced a new feature that would allow users to set up breakout rooms prior to video meetings via Google Calendar for more tight-knit learning sessions without having to halt everything to set them up in the moment.

Now, it’s officially beginning to roll out, and users with Rapid Release domains will be able to utilize it at some point over the next two weeks. Those with Scheduled Release domains will need to wait an extra two weeks, but that is, of course by design and by choice.

To set up a breakout room via Google Calendar, just follow the steps below! You can also see the desired result produced in GIF. Google has made it extremely easy to do via drag and drop.


  1. Create a new Google Calendar event.
  2. Click Add Google Meet video conferencing
  3. Add participants. 
  4. Click Change conference settings
  5. On the left, click Breakout rooms .
  6. Choose the number of breakout rooms, then choose an option:
  • Drag participants into different rooms.
  • Enter names directly into a room.
  • Click Shuffle to mix the groups. 
  • Click Save.  
  • Available Clients:

    • Workspace Essentials
    • Business Standard
    • Business Plus
    • Enterprise Essentials
    • Enterprise Standard
    • Enterprise Plus
    • Nonprofits
    • Education Plus
    • G Suite Business customers
    • Teaching and Learning upgrade (launching in April)

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