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How Can Your Organization Benefit with the CTL® Technology Lease Program?

CTL Technology Lease Program for HealthcareCTL® can help your business or organization keep its technology up-to-date and save money with our new Technology Lease Program. We have PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors and servers available for lease at competitive rates.

With no down payment required, leasing computer equipment from CTL® allows you the flexibility to you need to upgrade to the latest technology. There is no obligation to own the equipment at the end of the lease so that you can easily keep up with your organization’s changing needs.

Leasing from CTL® is not only convenient, it’s good for your bottom line. You’ll be able to keep your line of credit open and the lease can be structured to qualify as a fully tax-deductible business expense. Our leases allow for easy upgrades or additions and you may keep the same payment by simply extending the lease term.

CTL® is able to offer competitive rates through our partnership with US Bank Equipment Finance — Technology Finance Group, one of the largest equipment finance companies in the nation.


CTL Technology Lease Program

Why Lease?

Tax Benefits
Leases can be structured so that they qualify as business expenses and are fully tax deductible.

Additional Source of Capital
Leasing keeps credit lines open and helps avoid costly down payments.

Manage Cash Flow
With leasing, all deposits and progress payments are made during the implementation period to help  you manage your cash flow.

Keep Technology Up-to-Date
Leasing provides a cost-effective way to upgrade or replace equipment as needed, whether mid-term or at the end of the lease, making it easy to keep your technology current.

Find out how you can get started with a Technology Lease from CTL® today! Contact your sales representative or call 800-642-3087.


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