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How to use the CTL Chromebox CBX1-7 Core i7

There are several Chromebox options available on the market that can be used to replace a typical desktop setup. Chromeboxes are great as a space-saving solution due to their compact size and ability to customize into a workstation. Here are some tips on how to best utilize the CTL Chromebox CBX1-7.

What does a Chromebox do?

A Chromebox is a compact computer that can replace a desktop and runs Google’s Chrome operating system. Chromeboxes allow users to access online content, use Google G-Suite apps, and streaming video services through an internet connection. Users love Chromeboxes because they are often more affordable yet can be equipped with as much power as a typical desktop PC.

How do you use a Chromebox?

Chromeboxes can be used for many if not all of your technology needs. Chromeboxes can be converted into Chromebox workstations, Chromebox gaming consoles, work, and home video conferencing solutions, and more. 

CTL Chromebox CBX1-7 Core i7 specs

The CTL CBX1-7 Chromebox is just under six inches around and is an excellent Chrome device for school, work, or play. This Chromebox desktop runs on the 8th Generation Intel Core i-7 processor with Intel 620 UHD graphics. With Intel AC Wireless this powerful machine makes it look effortless when streaming HD media and surfing the web. There are also two USB 2.0 ports and three USB 3.0 ports with HDMI to plug in the 4K display and another monitor of your choosing. Each model starts with 8GB of RAM and 32GB of RAM. 

What is the CTL Chromebox CBX1-7 best used for?

The CTL CBX1-7 is a powerful machine that is multi-functional and durable for high powered users. This Chromebox compared to other models is especially useful for video processing and provides a great work experience for work, play, or enterprise. Use it for gaming, streaming videos, or as a high-power computer.

Pair with a monitor (or two!) for increased productivity without limiting your workspace. The CBX1-7 is so versatile you can get creative and have total control over your work setup. Running on Chrome OS, the Chromebox CBX1-7 gives you access to all work that’s been saved to Google Drive so you can work seamlessly across all of your Chrome devices.

The Chromebox CBX1-7 is a better way to work than with your typical PC device because of its compact size, simplicity, manageability, and tight integration with Google G-Suite. Transform your workspace with the Chromebox CBX1-7 and customize what you need with the many Chromebox bundle options CTL provides. Visit ctl.net and chat with an expert about how the CTL Chromebox CBX1-7 can work for you and your organization. 


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