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Intel NUC Broadwell for Healthcare Offices Save Space and Boost Productivity

Intel NUC Broadwell from CTL

The Intel NUC Broadwell is the Most Powerful NUC to Date

By Gary Welk, Senior Channel Manager

If desk space is hard to come by in your medical office, the Intel NUC Broadwell could be just the answer. CTL is now selling two different NUCs with the Intel 5th generation “Broadwell” processor. It used to be that a smaller form factor meant less performance, but today’s technology has changed the game. These newest Intel NUC Broadwell models will be the most powerful NUCs to date.

CTL® has a wide selection of Intel NUC Broadwell mini PCs for healthcare offices. At just 4’’ x 4’’ in size, these ultra-compact powerhouses can be equipped with the latest Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. They are even VESA mountable so they can be tucked out of sight! CTL is currently selling a variety of the Intel NUC Broadwell models: the NUC5i3RYKH features the Intel Core i3 5010U 2.10 GHz processor and is tall enough to accommodate a 2.5” drive. Or, get the same processor in the NUC5i3RY without 2.5” drive. Need more power? No problem. CTL also has the Intel NUC Broadwell NUC5i5RYKH with Intel Core i5 5250U with up to 2.7 GHz. This model accommodates a 2.5” drive as well. Get the same specs without the 2.5” drive in the NUC5i5RY.

With several different Intel NUC Broadwell models available from CTL, your organization can find the configuration that’s right for you. The NUC is upgradeable and customizable, with lots of options for memory, storage and wireless connectivity. These devices are as powerful as most desktop PCs with support for Windows 7 or 8.1 Professional and Microsoft Office.

The Intel NUC Broadwell can be used as a PC for office work and its size and mountability make it a great option for digital signage and kiosks. If you’d like to learn more about CTL’s selection of NUCs for medical offices, visit the contact CTL page to request more information.