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Intel NUC i5 Available From CTL

Intel NUC i5 Mini PC

Save Space and Gain Performance with the Powerful Intel NUC i5

If you have limited desk space but need a powerful PC, the Intel NUC i5 from CTL® can offer you the best of both worlds. Averaging 4” x 4” in size, these ultra-compact PCs are VESA mountable which make them ideal for point of sale or kiosks. They are also a great fit for any front desk where space is often limited. Government agencies, schools and other large institutions like the Intel NUC i5 and the Intel NUC i3 because they are as powerful as many desktop PCs and support Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office.

Because they are highly portable, the Intel NUC i5 and Intel NUC i3 are easy to pack in a briefcase or backpack for presentations at work or school. CTL offers a variety of NUCs with different configurations to fit your needs. Most models include USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, mini Display Port, and HDMI 1.4a. CTL’s line of NUC mini PCs ranges from the Intel NUC Celeron, Intel NUC i5, Intel NUC i3 and we’ve just rolled out the new NUC 5, which includes the NUC fifth generation Intel processors.

The Intel NUC from CTL is also available as a barebone unit that can be customized. There is even a size tall enough to accommodate a 2.5” drive. Expandable memory and video card options make the Intel® NUC kits a great choice for DIY builders. Several of the models are also capable of driving two monitors at once by using both HDMI and Display Port. Now you won’t have to choose between power and size. With the Intel NUC, you can have it all!

If  you’d like to learn more about the Intel NUC i5 and CTL’s entire line of NUC mini PCs, visit our website or call us at 800-642-3087.


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