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Intel Turbo Boost Technology: On-Demand Processor Performance!

Intel TurboBoost in the CTL Vector X350 Workstation PCWhile multiple processing cores increase performance, most applications and games can take advantage of increased processor speeds.  If you want to make the most of your Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, Turbo Boost Technology is the answer.

When you need to power even more performance, Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology automatically allows multiple processor cores to run faster than their base operating frequency. It’s activated when the Operating System requests the highest processor performance state, giving you power when you need it and conserving when you don’t. The result is on-demand power and increased energy efficiency.

Here’s how it works:

Any of the following can set the upper limit of Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 on a given workload:

  • Number of active cores
  • Estimated current consumption
  • Estimated power consumption
  • Processor temperature

When the current application workload isn’t keeping all the cores in your processor loaded fully, Turbo Boost can increase the clock speed of each core individually to get more performance out of the chip. The Turbo Boost increase is limited by power, temperature, and number of active cores to protect the processor.  For example, consider a situation where just one or two cores are being actively used. The power that would have been consumed by using additional two or three cores can be utilized more efficiently by the active cores. This smart transfer allows the processor cores to run at higher speeds completing the workload faster.

Turbo Boost differs from “overclocking” a processor because it keeps the processor within Intel’s recommended operating specifications at all times. Overclocking a processor allows it to run beyond Intel’s specs, which reduces the lifespan of your processor and motherboard, and voids your Intel warranty.

For more information on CTL’s  Vector XT350 Workstation PC, which features Intel Turbo Boost Technology, visit our website at ctl.net or call us at 1-800-642-3087, x223.


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