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Introducing the New CTL NL6x Extra-Rugged Chromebook for Education

CTL NL6x Improves Durability and Offers Value at $259 Including 1 Year Free Accidental Warranty

Introducing the new CTL NL6x Extra-Rugged Chromebook for Education! This Chromebook has been fortified with a pressure-resistant cover that also doubles as a whiteboard! The new CTL NL6x is being offered for just $259, including one free year of accidental damage warranty – although we doubt you’ll need it. This Chromebook features an innovative cover that protects the top of the device, where most breaks happen. With reinforced corners and the ultra-protective cover that shields from pressure, the NL6x is 90% less likely to break due to force from the top. In-house testing demonstrated the CTL NL6x to withstand a 365 pound man standing on top, with no damage incurred. We know that kids are some of the most rigorous product testers around. That’s why we’ve included the following ruggedization features in the new NL6x:

  • New Ultra-protective cover that doubles as a whiteboard
  • Drop resistant – tested up to 70 cm
  • Non-slip texture
  • Reinforced ports, hinges and power plug
  • Stronger, thicker rear cover plus a frame around the screen, sides and corners help absorb shock
  • Anti-peel keys

With this extra-rugged device, CTL has combined increased durability with all the great features educators have come to love in the NL6. With an Intel N2930 Quad Core processor, the NL6x performs up to 70% faster than the Dual Core N2830 processor with 1MB cache used by many other popular Chromebooks. Educators love the 180-degree rotating camera with optional microscope lens that allows students to record science experiments or capture video. Teachers and students can work all day without a power cord, enjoying up to 9+ hours of battery life. IT departments will save time and money with the serviceable battery.

All of CTL’s Chromebooks are backed by our enterprise-level service and support. CTL specializes in finding unique 1:1 solutions for educators including full color  logo painting, Chrome Device Management Licenses, Chrome OS White Glove Service, Bulk Packs (15 or more units), Hapara Licenses, Store and Charge Carts, Pearson Education Software and eTextbooks and free professional development webinars for educators (ctl.info/webinars).


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