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Introduction to Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE)

Google announced its recent launch of Chrome OS zero-touch enrollment (ZTE), an alternative to its previous manual enrollment process. Essentially, CTL will be considered a pre-provisioning partner that will handle the automatic enrollment of each Chrome device.

ZTE requires the following:

  • Compatible Chrome device
  • Pre-provisioning token that is generated through the Google Admin console
  • Approved pre-provisioning partner to assist with enrollment 

CTL makes it even easier to enroll a fleet of Chrome devices so your school or organization can be set up for success and ready to collaborate online. Here is a video by Google Chrome explaining how to get started with zero-touch enrollment

CTL is excited to offer even more options in order to deliver the best customer service experience, and zero touch enrollment does just that. Preparing your Chrome devices for use is no easy task, but with zero touch enrollment it is now! Visit the latest Chromebooks and Chromeboxes at ctl.net or please contact us if you are interested in bulk buyback and purchasing.