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J5 Now Featuring a New 360 True Flat Durable Hinge Design

At CTL we are always thinking about the next innovation in ed-tech solutions and always looking for ways to continually improve our existing products. Whether product feedback comes by way of customers or our own experience with the products, we never shy away from continual refinement and innovation of our catalog. In other words, you speak and we listen!

The J5 Chromebook Made for Students

We love our J5 series of Chromebook. Rated as one of PC Magazine’s best Chromebooks of 2017, this device is a top seller for education and student use. The J5 is a great piece of technology, seamlessly moving from laptop mode to display mode to tablet mode. The device is also extremely durable, able to withstand falls, resists liquids through spill-proof keyboards which drain away from the internal components, and lasts ten hours between charges. All this and a 10-point capacitive touchscreen with IPS Panel ensuring responsive touchscreen interaction. The hinges are strong and durable to warrant the 360-degree movement in daily use.

J5 Chromebook: We Just Can’t Get Enough

We’ve now re-launched the J5 with new and improved hinges that smoothly glide with the screen, opening to lie flat yet still retaining the perfect amount of tension to hold the device open in whichever mode is desired. This improvement should reduce wear on the hinge and reduce risk to stress on the screen when opening.

We’re always proud to ensure that feedback and attention is paid to continual refinement and improvement in our devices.
CTL’s J5 Chromebook is an excellent choice for students and adults alike. At a price point of $259, with an included one-year warranty, this Chromebook is a great choice for back-to-school needs and classroom tools.

Visit the J5 Chromebook product page to learn more about specs and purchasing.

J5 Convertible Chromebook Display Modes


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