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Local CTL Corporation Recognized In EPA-Funded Effort For Environmentally-Friendly Computer Equipment

Portland, OR – July 21, 2006

Local computer and television manufacturer CTL Corporation today was recognized as part of EPEAT, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded effort to identify high-performance, environmentally friendly computer equipment. EPEAT is a program of the Green Electronics Council, also based in Portland.

CTL’s Meridian SL700 was recognized among other electronics equipment made by large computer manufacturers for meeting the new environmental standard.  The CTL Meridian SL 700 uses less energy, contains a lead-free Intel mainboard, comes in an easy-to-recycle box and includes a coupon for free end-of-life disposal for the computer.

Compared to traditional computer equipment, all EPEAT-registered computers have reduced levels of cadmium, lead, and mercury to better protect human health. They are more energy efficient, which reduces emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases. They are also easier to upgrade and recycle. In fact, manufacturers must offer safe recycling options for the products when they are no longer useable.

CTL has for several years offered a take-back program for its electronics equipment, and announced this week it will now provide free up front and end-of-life take-back recycling for PCs as of August 1 – an unprecedented move for a computer manufacturer.

“CTL’s environmental focus has consistently provided the company with a competitive advantage, and is one key to our continuous growth,” said Erik Stromquist, CTL Executive Vice President.

Electronics are a fast growing portion of the municipal waste stream. According to the Green Electronics Council, approximately two million tons of used electronics, including computers and televisions, are discarded each year while only around 13% of those computers were reused or recycled. Electronic products contain a variety of hazardous constituents that pose challenging environmental management concerns.

About CTL

CTL is a global corporation with offices in North America and Europe. CTL’s various facilities manufacture, market and distribute Personal Computers, Chromebox Computer, Google Tablet, Rugged Chromebooks and Monitors. CTL is committed to expanding international and domestic operations by continually evolving to meet the needs of an ever changing market. CTL is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.


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