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Medical Offices – Get Google Apps HIPAA Compliance

Google Apps HIPAA Compliance with CTL Chromebooks

Google Apps HIPAA Compliance Can Be Met Using Specific Settings to Secure Patient Data

Did you know you Google Apps HIPAA Compliance can be met using specific settings? If you are using Google Apps on your medical office’s laptop, it is possible to secure patients Protected Health Information (PHI). Keeping your PHI secure is imperative to meet HIPAA compliance. If you are a healthcare professional working on a laptop, your organization is liable for any compromised data if your device is lost or stolen. Properly configured, Google Apps robust set of communication and collaboration tools for healthcare professionals can allow you to send, save and schedule securely in order to achieve Google Apps HIPAA compliance.

A recent article posted by Backupify, a HIPAA compliant cloud data protection service, outlines the steps your organization can take to secure Google Apps for HIPAA Compliance. CTL® is proud to be a partner with Google and offer our customers Google Apps for Work medical as well as a wide range of products including Chromebooks, laptops, desktop PCs, Monitors, 2-in-tablets and servers. Google Apps for Work can be used on devices that run Chrome OS or Microsoft Windows. Learn more about the CTL Education Chromebook (not just for education!) here: http://ctl.re/ctl-education-chromebook.

Google Apps are a set of innovative tools to increase productivity and are easy to set up and manage since there is no software to install or maintain. Google Apps work well on almost any computer, tablet or phone and the service is continually updated. Google Apps includes:

  • email for your organization @your_domain.com
  • a feature rich calendaring solution
  • powerful shared documents, spreadsheets and presentations that enable real-time collaboration
  • chat, phone, and video-conferencing
  • websites, forms and surveys
  • enterprise-grade support, storage and archiving

Learn more about Google Apps and other technology solutions available from CTL, please visit our contact page here or call us today at 1-800-642-3087.


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