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Modernize your Medical Office with CTL’s Newest AIO PCs

CTL AIO as Patient KioskThanks to advances in touch-screen technology and kiosk software, it’s now easier than ever to create your own interactive kiosk from a PC. CTL’s latest XA770T or XA780T touch-screen AIO PCs not only have a sleek, modern look but they also make the ideal interface for self-service kiosks. If you’ve been considering a patient kiosk in your medical office, now you can choose from either the 21.5’’ XA770T or the larger 24’’ XA780T. The aluminum L-stand allows this to stand alone on a countertop, or you can remove it and use VESA mounts to attach it to a wall.

Patient check-in, language translation, gathering demographic and clinical information, and answering questions can all be streamlined using patient kiosks, freeing up front desk staff to help patients with more complicated registration needs. CTL’s AIO PCs have a brilliant display for high resolution informational graphics such as facility maps. By offering greater convenience to patients, kiosks can increase patient satisfaction, and improve efficiency in your front office. According to the California Healthcare Foundation (CHF), the success rate for kiosk implementations in medical offices is high. The CHF lists some guidelines below to promote successful patient kiosks:

  • Choose a kiosk with the physical location in mind
  • Consider purchasing more than one kiosk per department
  • Freestanding kiosks offer an important opportunity for branding
  • Start with areas that have high numbers of repeat patients
  • Use a greeter during the initial rollout
  • Place the kiosks in an obvious location
  • Enable as many languages as you reasonably expect to use

If you plan to install kiosk software that allows patients to have limited access to the internet, stay away from software programs that are free to download as they don’t have the same level of security as commercial kiosk software. Free or casual-use software is also notorious for glitches and interruptions, so it’s best to stick with commercial software such as Kioware, Netshift, SiteKiosk 8, or other programs that are recommended and installed by an IT professional.  There are also medical-specific apps and software available such as Pariscribe’s Patient Registration, or TouchTrak which are designed for patient self-check in.

CTL’s AIO PCs are also an asset behind the front desk. With a slim 12mm profile, these space-saving PCs can free up the desk space needed to organize patient files, forms, prescriptions and other vital documents. But they’re not just for looks – the XA770 and XA780 AIOs are high-powered PCs that are easily customizable to fit the needs of your medical office. Choose between Celeron, Intel i-3, i-5, or i-7 processors, get up to 16GB of RAM, and have the option of SATA hard drives from 250GB up to 3 TB. Or, you can upgrade to an SSD drive from 60-450GB. The XA770 and XA780 AIO PCs even support a dual SATA/SSD hard drive set up.

The new CTL XA770 and XA780 touch and non-touch models come with Windows 8. If you want to use Windows 8, but prefer to use a mouse or touchpad, just add the Microsoft Touch Mouse, Logitech Touch Mouse T620, or Logitech Touch Pad T650, which all support Windows 8 gestures on your CTL non-touch AIO PC.

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