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Netop Vision Classroom Management Grabs the Attention of Chrome Unboxed

Netop Vision Classroom Management Grabs the Attention of Chrome Unboxed

Chrome Unboxed has been at the forefront of all the latest news and updates in the world of Chrome. They’ve even featured CTL Chromebooks on their site. It’s no surprise that when they discovered Netop Vision Classroom Management software that Chrome Unboxed decided to review it on their website.

CTL has been a partner of Netop for sometime, featuring the software in our 1:1 solutions program and making it available for general education customers. The Chrome Unboxed review points out that technology like Chromebooks for education is;

 “a powerful tool but only when used correctly and leveraged in a manner that creates, not destroys productivity. Giving teachers the ability to keep students on task with real-time monitoring can assist in maximizing precious minutes in the classroom.”

CTL understands this need, and wants to make sure that Chromebooks are utilized in the classroom to their fullest potential for students. This is why we chose to add Netop as our go-to tool for real-time classroom management solutions.

Netop allows teachers to monitor each individual student’s screen, push specific URLs to the entire class, limit access to URLs that aren’t a part of the lesson plan, and lock screens to ensure all eyes are focused on the teacher. With Netop Vision, teachers using Chromebooks in their classrooms can focus on teaching and with a push of a button have the power to stop digital distractions in their tracks.

At CTL, we admire the streamlined and clean interface that allows teachers to easily keep their students on track and monitor everything happening on their Chromebooks during class time. Gabriel Brangers from Chrome Unboxed took note of this same thing saying,

“After some research, I have found there are a number of companies that produce software similar to Vision but few do it in such a clean, simple and powerful manner.”

You can watch the video which was created by Netop and featured in Chrome Unboxed’s review which demonstrates the fabulous features of the Vision software:

Vision for Chromebooks from Netop on Vimeo.

Netop Vision is easy to implement and use, and the software integrates with Google Classroom. If you think that Netop Vision would be useful in your own classrooms, contact a CTL sales rep today to talk about pricing options.

If you'd like to see a live demo of the Netop Vision, register to attend the CTL webinar on March 21st at 11am with Pam from Netop. If you aren't able to attend, check out the recording from the webinar which will be posted within 48 hours on http://ctl.info/webinars/