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OETC Volume Price Agreement 15-01 Awarded to CTL

OETC Volume Price Agreement offers CTL Chromebooks and Related Devices to Members Nationwide

Education Technology Purchasers in 12 Western StatesCTL has recently been awarded the OETC Volume Price Agreement 15-01 for computers, monitors and servers through the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) Educational Technology Purchasing Consortium. The OETC represents over 900 educational institutions that serve over 750,000 students. From Portland State University, the largest public university in Oregon, to the Nome School District in Alaska, OETC represents education institutions of all sizes. Any school in the United States can apply for membership to OETC in order to qualify for discounted volume pricing through this price agreement.

“CTL is excited about expanding our reach to assist OETC members nationwide with their computer and IT needs. We hope to increase the amount of schools that can upgrade to a digital learning environment through our participation in the OETC Volume Price Agreement,” said CTL’s CMO, Mike Mahanay.

“Chromebooks are an important tool in education, and CTL offers a competitive price to make this tool more widely available for educational institutions,” said OETC’s Operations Director, Kristi Pippert.

The OETC Volume Price Agreement 15-01 was awarded to CTL from June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2018 with up to two additional year renewal options. CTL Chromebooks and related devices will be available to OETC members online through the OETC store: https://store.oetc.org/brand/ctl.

OETC is an incorporated non-profit formed by educational institutions throughout the U.S. that represents members in educational technology procurement. OETC members band together to collectively negotiate with vendors to achieve economies of scale not available to any single member. For more information about OETC, including membership opportunities, please visit https://oetc.org.

CTL has a 25-year history of serving public sector agencies and understands the technology and IT solutions needed by schools and governments. The award of the OETC Volume Price Agreement will allow CTL to expand their ability to best serve their public sector customers. For more information on CTL’s GovEd pricing, visit ctl.net/goved.


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