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Onsite Professional Development Program for Educators from CTL

On-Site Professional Development New Service Offering for Qualified Education Customers

CTL announced recently from ISTE 2015 that Level 33 Consulting will be a preferred provider for their new Onsite Professional Development for Chromebooks program. As a manufacturer of education-specific Chromebooks and other 1:1 e-learning devices, we’re excited to work with qualified education customers  to provide onsite professional development for Chrome devices. This service, which will be free-of-charge to education customers meeting certain deployment criteria, has a purchase price starting at $2,500 per day.

CTL’s professional development program is the newest addition to our extensive selection of enterprise class services and support, which include White Glove Chrome Device Management provisioning, full color logo painting, Securly web content filtering and analysis, Hapara licenses, Pearson Education Software and much more. CTL is known for it’s education solutions including Chromebooks, 2goPC ruggedized Windows devices and IT solutions.

With over 20 years in education and communications, Level 33 Consulting has expertise in all facets of organizational development and onsite professional development. Level 33 specializes in designing customized training programs that ensure educators can get the greatest possible benefit from their available technology.

“Having utilized CTL products as a site principal, I am thrilled to be leading their onsite professional development efforts to transform how teaching and learning happen in our nation’s classrooms,” said Level 33 CEO/President Dave Childers. “High quality professional development is the key to any successful technology initiative, and we could not have found a better partner than CTL to embark upon this exciting work.”

Subject matter can be customized and sample topics include [21st Century Instructional Leadership, Digital Citizenship, Google Apps for Education, Common Core Alignment, The Chromebook Classroom, Digital Literacy] and more. In addition to onsite professional development, CTL and Level 33 will partner to offer recurring 1-hour educator training online webinars for our education customers. For more information, contact CTL to request a quote and find out how your educational institution can take advantage of this program.