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Optical Touch: The Ideal Technology For All-In-One PCs

There are more than a dozen different touch technologies in the tech market, each bringing unique strengths across various industries and applications. Few touch technologies, however, offer the benefits of optical touch: accuracy, clarity, flexibility, reliability, durability, and support for multi-touch gestures. Optical is particularly optimized for the desktop and All-in-One PC market.

How Does Optical Work?

Working in concert, two optical sensors located at the top left and right corners of the screen track the movement of any object close to the surface by detecting the interruption of an infra-red light source. At the heart of the system is a printed circuit controller board that receives signals from the optical sensors. The optical software then compensates for distortions and triangulates the position of the touching object with a high degree of accuracy.

Why Optical?

Optical touch screens allow users to interact with their computers through stylus independence and light-touch response. Optical delivers the following additional benefits:

  • Clarity of image (no films or coatings on the screen) improves visual experience.
  • Fast drag function allows for quick, accurate finger swipes and brush strokes.
  • Zero-pressure response makes screens durable and accessible for users of all ages and levels.
  • Multi-touch capability enables the screen to support built-in gestures within Windows 7.
  • Excellent performance, accuracy, and reliability even in rugged and outdoor environments empower the potential of touch applications.

We offer two great optical touch All-in-One PCs. The All-in-One EA650T, which is built around Intel’s new Thin Mini-iTX standard that allows us to offer our customers the flexibility and customization that we have become synonymous with, and the All-in-One GA650T which in addition to the great features of the EA650T is also Energy Star rated and Epeat certified, making in a truly environmentally friendly machine. You can find out more about CTL’s All-in-One PCs at our website www.ctl.net.


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