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Science Exploration App Now Available through CTL

LabCam by Intellisense is a Science Exploration App with Seven Tools that Can be Pre-Loaded onto CTL Chromebooks or Windows Devices

science exploration appEducators looking for a cost-effective way to enhance STEM curriculum and promote scientific inquiry can now purchase LabCam by Intellisense science exploration app with any CTL Chromebook or 2go PC Windows device for as low as $3 per unit. LabCamera uses the built-in camera on a Chromebook or Windows device to carry out scientific experiments, helping students to develop skills for investigation, problem-solving, critical thinking and deductive reasoning.

To measure the efficiency of LabCam in schools, ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary carried out a study in a working classroom environment. The outcome of this study conducted on 160 9th grade students from five different schools indicated a 10-15% improvement in STEM subjects. Besides helping students to improve their knowledge in science, this study concluded that LabCam by Intellisense considerably raises the interest of students with average skills, helping to convert students from apathy to enthusiasm about science.

The seven LabCam tools include:

Time Lapse – Time Lapse helps students observe and better understand the slow processes of ntaure, such as the formation and migration of clouds, ice melting, the growth of plants, etc. The software makes still shots in configurable intervals and stitches these images into a coherent stream of video.

Motion Cam – The Motion Cam function makes a recording when it detects movement in front of the camera, allowing you to capture rare and intimate situations in nature. It works just like motion-sensor cameras.

Pathfinder – Pathfinder is practically a motion density map. The more movement occurs, the more coloured the attended trails get on the screen. Enjoy tracking traffic density, single-cell organism or trails of ants in an ant farm.

Kinematics – The Kinematics function allows tracking of the horizontal and vertical movement characteristics (displacement, velocity, and acceleration) of one or more objects in real time. The software is capable to capture a maximum of 3 selected objects at the same time, allowing complex kinematic experiments.

Microscope – The Microscope feature allows you to carry out microscopic measurements and also to perform any kind of measurement when a reference value is available (ie. the moon’s diameter). Web cameras are able to capture extremely close shots, so even single-celled organisms can be observed as well.

Universal Logger – By connecting a camera, the software will recognize various types of measuring instruments be it a liquid-in-glass, needle pointer, or a digital display. The aim is to empower users to connect otherwise not compatible measuring instruments to a computer, and to record and analyze measured data. With the help of the software, the school’s old instruments or simple home measurement devices may be turned into digital loggable  instruments.

Graph Challenge – Understand graphs with a game-like app that allows you to use a predefined marker to follow an object’s movement and velocity. Customize the graph, the speed and the movement and challenge your peers to achieve a 100% score.

STEM educators interested in including the LabCam by Intellisense science exploration app with the purchase of their school’s Chromebooks or Windows devices may contact CTL for more information. CTL’s education devices that are compatible with the LabCam by Intellisense app include the CTL NL6 Education Chromebook, CTL J2 Chromebook for Education, CTL J4 Chromebook for Education, CTL J4+ Chromebook for Education, and any 2go PC Windows device.



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