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The Silicon Valley Review Names CTL as One of the 50 Best Workplaces of the Year

The Silicon Valley Review Names CTL as One of the 50 Best Workplaces of the Year

Growth and transition definitely have their ups and downs, so as companies grow from 10 people to 100 people, the challenge of cultivating employee morale and retention often is overlooked. A strong core value initiative at CTL is remaining true to the roots of small business by providing a unique place of growth and opportunity for its 40+ employees, and this seems to be catching some eyes.

The Silicon Review, an international magazine which stands as a platform for top-level executives to share their ideas, services, and solutions, recently named CTL as one of the 50 Best Workplaces of the Year for 2017. The magazine noted CTL’s vision and resilience when moving the company towards education solutions. In what could have been a risky transition, CTL moved the company towards Chromebooks as the best solution for education, even when it seemed like no one took note of the potential uses in schools and classrooms. During this time, CTL confident in their direction doubled down and watched as Chromebooks for education rose to the top, becoming the current #1 choice for schools. That vision has created a business that allows CTL to be one of the undisputed leaders in ed-tech. It has also allowed CTL to grow its team and provide a long-term steady environment for its employees.

The Silicon Review mentioned CTL’s dedication having a healthy work communication with regular anonymous feedback surveys and 1:1 meetings to ensure mutual contentment with performance and experience. Employees are also able to give virtual shout-outs and words of appreciation to fellow employees. CTL offers benefit packages, 401Ks, PTO, and competitive wages to its employees. As CTL becomes known by those outside the company as a great place to work, employees at CTL have known this for some time; the average length of employment is currently 10+ years.

For 20 years, CTL has remained dedicated to smart growth while imbuing employee trust in the company’s direction. As the company has gone through transitions, the decision to focus company efforts toward the ed-tech sector is one which has been fruitful for both the bottom line and the employees. This direction has also created a space where all members of the CTL team can feel great about the services they are providing for educational communities around the globe. With initiatives like the Nevada Ready 1:1 program, even children in rural schools now have access to Wifi and Chromebooks for education, leveling the playing field for children who would otherwise have been left behind in a time when ed-tech is more important than ever. This is something that team members at CTL can feel great about.  

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At CTL, the philosophy is happy employees make happy customers. We’re proud to have such a great team of enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to their co-workers and customers. If you happen to live in the Portland metro area and think you’d make a great fit for our always growing team of CTL employees, you can read about our career opportunities here: