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Starting in August, You Can Add the New Kingston SSDNow KC300 as an Upgrade to Your CTL® Notebook!

Kingston SSDNow KC300

Now you can get the newest addition to the Kingston SSDNow family, the KC300 drive as an upgrade to your CTL® notebook. This latest drive will help to increase productivity by maximizing power efficiencies in notebook PCs. The KC300 is the next-generation business drive, replacing the Kingston V+200 and KC100 SSDs. One of the most power-efficient SSDs on the market, it provides up to 40 minutes more battery life than a hard drive to let you do more work from a single charge.

The drive features enterprise-grade SMART attributes, allowing IT departments to monitor wear range data, SSD life left, write amplification and total bytes written. KC300 comes equipped with Data Integrity Protection featuring DuraWrite™ technology to extend the life of the SSD by effectively and efficiently reducing the number of Flash writes via an intelligent compression engine without sacrificing data integrity. RAISE™ reduces the number of uncorrectable errors in the drive, over and above standard error code correction.

Kingston SSDNow KC300 Features & Specifications:

  • Form factor: 2.5″, 7mm height
  • Advanced Power Management: extends notebook battery life during typical computing session
  • Fast: dramatic performance increase for any system upgrade
  • Endurance: Data Integrity Protection featuring DuraClass technology
  • Durable: DuraWrite intelligent compression engine extends the life of the SSD
  • Dependable: RAISE reduces the number of uncorrectable errors on the drive
  • Multiple capacities: the right capacity to meet your storage need
  • Guaranteed: three-year warranty, free technical support
  • Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0
  • Capacities1: 60GB, 120GB, 180GB, 240GB, 480GB
  • Controller: SandForce-SF2281
  • Sequential Reads 2 : SATA Rev. 3.0 525MB/s
  • Sequential Writes2: SATA Rev. 3.0 500MB/s
  • Maximum Random 4k Read/Write3:
    • 60GB: 84,000/ 64,000 IOPS
    • 120GB: 84,000/ 64,000 IOPS
    • 180GB: 84,000/ 64,000 IOPS
    • 240GB: 84,000/ 52,000 IOPS
    • 480GB: 73,000/ 32,000 IOPS
  • PCMARK® Vantage HDD Suite Score: 57,000
  • Power Consumption: 0.6 W (MAX) classle / 1.4 W (MAX) Read / 2.9 W (MAX) Write
  • Storage temperatures: -40°C ~ 85°C
  • Operating temperatures: 0°C ~ 70°C
  • Dimensions: 69.8mm x 100.1mm x 7.0mm
  • Weight: 60GB, 120GB, 180GB, 240GB — 86.0g; 480GB: 92.3g
  • Vibration operating: 2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)
  • Vibration non-operating: 20G Peak (10–2000Hz)
  • Life expectancy: 1 million hours MTBF
  • Warranty/support: three-year warranty with free technical support
  • Total Bytes Written (TBW)5:
    • 60GB: 47TB
    • 120GB: 94TB
    • 180GB: 141TB
    • 240GB: 188TB
    • 480GB: 375TB

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