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CTL Joins the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

CTL Joins the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)

We’ve formed the perfect partnership.

Have you heard the news? CTL recently became a member of the Consortium for School Networking or CoSN, a well-respected professional association for technology leaders in school systems around the nation. Over 13 million students are represented by the organization which advocates for tools that promote growth as well as provides leaders that manage and build communities that influence K-12 education. The association achieves this by emphasizing the importance of digital equity which is something CTL stands behind.

The Tremendous Influence CoSN Has in Schools Throughout the Country

CoSN helps shape policies at the federal and state level. It performs good deeds in many ways which are highlighted below. The association has been around for 25 years and has made great strides in education because of its commitment to students.

Core beliefs shared by CoSN include technology personalizes learning experiences and helps prepare students for the “real world”. It’s important to make it accessible and equitable. Global connections transform the learning process and the main challenge in using technology is human.

Strong leaders and visionaries will continue to shape the technologically-driven learning environment in which we live in. That’s why CoSN does what it does. It knows the importance of giving students technological advantages, which is something CTL also does with its innovative computing products.

Our customers serve as CoSN members where they are able to weigh in on issues that matter most to them. The Beaverton School District, which is part of the CoSN board, is one customer we know well and have had the pleasure of working with for a while now. We’re passionate about what the consortium represents and are delighted to take part in the CoSN national conference in Portland spring of 2019.

The three-day event is scheduled to take place April 1-4 of next year at Hilton Portland & Executive Towers. We’ll be there to meet with new and current customers. We invite you to attend the conference and see how technology improves the learning environment of schools of all sizes in the United States.

The conference is personal and a fantastic opportunity to meet with peers to share ideas and network. Attending the event provides valuable opportunities to carry with you into your classroom or learning environment. You’ll get a lot of return on investment by attending the conference and getting to know CoSN and all that the consortium does for the school districts it works with.

You can learn more about the conference by visiting https://cosnconference.org/.

Why the Partnership Makes Sense

CTL offers the best Chromebooks for K-12 classrooms. Small but powerful pieces of technology transform learning environments in truly positive ways. It only makes sense for us to join with CoSN to form a truly powerful team of forward-minded thinkers who value technology and the way it shapes student educational experiences.

We’re excited for what the future brings. We continue to lead in the field of technology by making it affordable and accessible to students from elementary school through high school. Our LED monitors are energy-efficient and perfect for the classroom.




From New Products to New Accolades: 2017 CTL's Year in Review

From New Products to New Accolades: 2017 CTL's Year in Review

The New Year is always a great time to sit back a moment and take stock of the past year. 2017 proved to be a very exciting year for us at CTL, from new products to new accolades and so much more. The hard work from the CTL team paid off!

CTL Chromebooks Continue in Popularity and CTL New Product Additions

CTL continued this past year with our award-winning line of Chromebooks for education, even being named as one of the top Chromebooks of the Year by PC Magazine, and winning the Best in Show Awards for ISTE 2017 from Tech and Learning Magazine. In addition to our Chromebooks, CTL rolled out a line of Chromebase All-In-Ones, four great set-ups designed with every need in mind. Changing the way users look at their home computer set-up CTL launched the Chromebox 2-in-1 and Chromebit 2-in-1, and for those looking to streamline digital signage and customer engagement in a kiosk environment, there is the Chromebox 2-in-1 Touchscreen, and the Chromebit 2-in-1 Touchscreen. This year, CTL launched a new Windows Laptop called the EP20PA Convertible Laptop which features 360-degree hinges and a stylus for optimal touchscreen utilization and note-taking ability. This unit is loaded with the new and improved Windows 10 operating system. It’s always exciting to release new products aimed at the unique needs of our customer base. Be on the lookout for more great new products from CTL in 2018.

2018 Accolades for CTL

This year, CTL caught the eye of several industry leaders. CTL was featured in Portland Business Journal’s list of the “Fast 100” and “Top Portland Tech Companies”. CRN also took note of CTL placing the company in the rankings for Solution Provider 500 and Top 50 of CRN’s 150 Fastest Growth Companies. Along with these accolades, CTL also found a place in Inc. Magazine’s INC 5000. The rapid growth of a company can often mean the human element is neglected, but not for CTL who remains dedicated to customer service and our awesome employees. Silicon Review recognized CTL as one of the Top 50 Places to Work.

1:1 Solutions Programs on the Rise

This past year also saw the NR21 program become law in the state of Nevada. We’re honored to have been given the opportunity to be a 1:1 solutions provider for this awesome program and the amazing educators, administrators, IT professionals, and students who we are grateful to serve. CTL also began work with implementing 1:1 solutions programs in our home state of Oregon, aside from being a part of 1:1 classroom programs all over the United States. We’re excited to continue this important work in securing digital literacy for every child, everywhere.

New Look and Ease for CTL’s Online Customers

CTL made major changes to update the look and ease of use of ctl.net. You can now find the CTL products you love more easily, streamlined with a zippy shopping cart flow and quick access to the latest blogs and resources from CTL. This past year, CTL also launched an Amazon store, with Chromebooks and more available via Amazon Prime.

Looking Ahead to a Great 2018

As we make our resolutions, set our intentions, and map out a great 2018, we’re always grateful to have our wonderful customers with us along for the ride. Stay tuned for exciting new product launches and technology designed with you in mind.



Chrome Unboxed has been at the forefront of all the latest news and updates in the world of Chrome. They’ve even featured CTL Chromebooks on their site. It’s no surprise that when they discovered Netop Vision Classroom Management software that Chrome Unboxed decided to review it on their website.

CTL has been a partner of Netop for some time, featuring the software in our 1:1 solutions program and making it available for general education customers. The Chrome Unboxed review points out that technology like Chromebooks for education is;

 “a powerful tool but only when used correctly and leveraged in a manner that creates, not destroys productivity. Giving teachers the ability to keep students on task with real-time monitoring can assist in maximizing precious minutes in the classroom.”

CTL understands this need and we want to make sure that Chromebooks are utilized in the classroom to their fullest potential for students. This is why we chose to add Netop as our go-to tool for real-time classroom management solutions.

Netop allows teachers to monitor each individual student’s screen, push specific URLs to the entire class, limit access to URLs that aren’t a part of the lesson plan, and lock screens to ensure all eyes are focused on the teacher. With Netop Vision, teachers using Chromebooks in their classrooms can focus on teaching and with a push of a button have the power to stop digital distractions in their tracks.

At CTL, we admire the streamlined and clean interface that allows teachers to easily keep their students on track and monitor everything happening on their Chromebooks during class time. Gabriel Brangers from Chrome Unboxed took note of this same thing saying,

“After some research, I have found there are a number of companies that produce software similar to Vision but few do it in such a clean, simple and powerful manner.”

You can watch the video which was created by Netop and featured in Chrome Unboxed’s review which demonstrates the fabulous features of the Vision software:

Vision for Chromebooks from Netop on Vimeo.