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Buy & Try CTL Chromebooks for Education

Buy & Try CTL Chromebooks for Education

Did you know that CTL offers our education customers the opportunity to Buy and Try any of our Chromebooks at a special discounted rate?

At CTL we’re always working on developing the best Chromebooks for use in K-12 classrooms. We think about how to make them tougher with rugged features like water-resistant keyboards and drop-resistant design. We pay attention to powerful processors, great classroom ready apps, and classroom management software. We also seek out the coolest new tech like Wacom EMR Pens, Gorilla Glass touchscreens, and world view cameras. All of these carefully chosen design features make a CTL Chromebook tailor made for classroom use.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current fleet of Chromebooks for education, interested in a Chromebook 1:1 solution, or are wanting to try out the latest CTL Chromebook, the Buy and Try program allows you to do just that and save money.

Each Buy and Try product is yours to keep and see if the unit is right for your needs. If you aren’t sold, you can return the unit within 30 days. If you like it then keep the unit at the discounted rate, and make sure it passes your tests for classroom ready Chromebooks.

Buy and Try programs are limited to 1 unit per school district. Talk to a sales rep today, or visit our Education Buy and Try Request form to request a coupon to purchase your Buy and Try Chromebook.

CTL Announces Three New NL-Series Chromebooks

CTL Announces Three New NL-Series Chromebooks

CTL is on a roll! First came the CTL Education Chromebook J41, the new sleek and economical update to our J-series. Then came the CTL Chromebox CBx1, the mini-computer that is small in size, but big in power. Now we are so proud to announce three new models in a refresh of their best selling NL-series Chromebooks all designed for use in K12 education. The CTL Chromebook NL7, the CTL rugged touch Chromebook NL7T-360, and the CTL rugged touch Chromebook NL7TW-360 with pen each of which provide a variety of benefits to schools looking to invest in Chromebook Deployments.  

All three education NL-series Chromebook models by CTL feature our most rugged design including an IP41 drop rating, water-resistant keyboards, and reinforced ports, hinges, and power plug. The NL series, which is CTL’s premium line of Education Chromebook, also includes a tuck-away handle for easy carrying, especially useful for carrying from class to class. This series also includes 32GB of storage and a DC-in USB-C Cable.

CTL Improves Ruggedization and Performance in the NL-Series Chromebook

The updated series starts with the CTL Chromebook NL7, a great unit with all the durability that customers have come to expect from CTL products. This unit has been drop tested to70cm, meaning that a drop from the average student’s carrying height won’t spell disaster. The CTL Chromebook NL7 weighs only 2.5 pounds and includes a retractable carrying handle which helps students to easily and safely carry it. The unit also features a flip 180-degree rotatable world-facing HD camera. On the inside the CTL Chromebook NL7 sprints along with the powerful Intel Apollo Lake Processor, 4GB of RAM, and renders stunning graphics on the integrated Intel HD500 graphics processor.

The NL-Series Chromebooks for Education Are More than just Rugged Chromebooks

The CTL touch Chromebook NL7T-360 and CTL Chromebook NL7TW-360 with pen build on the CTL Chromebook NL7’s rugged feature set by incorporating a sturdy 360-degree hinge which allows students the freedom to switch between taking notes in laptop mode to tent mode for viewing educational videos, then to tablet mode for reading and research. In addition to an HD front-facing camera, the units also an additional 5.0-megapixel world-facing tablet-mode camera on bottom shell above the keyboard, allowing students to record lectures or make videos for class assignments when in tablet or tent display. Additionally, the CTL Chromebook NL7T-360 and CTL Chromebook NL7TW-360 are built with rugged Corning Gorilla® glass touch screens, which flex and protect screens from scratching, cracking, and breaking. This new screen glass addresses a common pain point in education where students close the lid with objects, like pens and pencils, still inside the unit when rushing from class to class.

Wacom EMR Pen Changes How You Connect to Your Chromebook

The CTL Chromebook NL7TW-360 features Intel’s quad-core N3450 processor and includes a  Wacom® Stylus EMR Pen, which provides intuitive ease of navigation, perfect for grading papers, annotations, taking notes, design, and general unit operation. The Wacom® Stylus EMR Pen operates without batteries and feels as natural as writing on paper with palm rejection to avoid unintended contact. The CTL rugged Chromebook NL7TW-360 features 10-point capacitive Touchscreen combined with EMR technology to be used with the included stylus, meaning that the screen responds to either finger touch or the EMR stylus, reducing potential screen damage from pencil points or other sharp objects.  

Secure your New CTL Chromebooks for Education with Pre-Order Now

The CTL Chromebook NL7, CTL Chromebook  NL7T-360, and CTL Chromebook NL7TW-360 will be available in April starting at $229, $299 and $329 for qualified education customers. The NL7T and NL7TW are both available for pre-order in the CTL.net store. If you’re interested in a Chromebook for Education Deployment, contact CTL to see how we can secure the new NL-Series Chromebook for your students.

CTL’s Fast Track Service for Education Customers is here for you

CTL’s Fast Track Service for Education Customers is here for you

It’s no secret that CTL has long been dedicated to great products for education like our line of Ruggedized Chromebooks for education, our Chrome charging carts, and partnerships with numerous Education Software all seeking to encourage STEAM learning and create digital citizens of students across the US. However, one area where CTL outshines the competition is with our unending dedication to providing our education customers with unparalleled services and support.

You likely already know about our White Glove services which helps customers with speedy seamless Chromebook deployments, our vivid color logo printing to help with identification, and our great warranties and do-it-yourself repair center. We now introduce the CTL Fast Track Program, a new Customer focused service offering for qualified education organizations.

Dedicated Chrome Specialists

The CTL Chrome Specialists team are adept at helping answer questions on all things Chrome. Need help with cloud print? Have questions about Google Classroom Management? Curious what damage your warranty covers? Need to track your repairs? We have an awesome team of super helpful Chrome Specialist who are based in our Oregon headquarters, so you’ll never have to talk to someone overseas.

Free domestic shipping over 100 Units

We know that purchasing ed-tech products is already an expense which is not to be taken lightly. In an effort to encourage accessibility to great CTL products for students across the US, we’ve got shipping covered for education customers purchasing over 100 units.

2-way RMA Shipping for in-warranty products

In the event that something goes wrong with your CTL products, like accidental damage or product defects, CTL has your shipping covered both ways to send your products in for repairs in the first year of warranty. All repairs are done in CTL's primary Oregon service center, so you never have to worry about third-party repair issues.

5 day Guaranteed repair turn around

Being down one unit can be frustrating, and being down one unit for an unknown amount of time is even more frustrating. We want you to be able to plan around repair time, so we’ve built into our Fast Track program, a 5-day guarantee for repair turnarounds.

Self-service repair option for qualified education customers

We appreciate the Do-It-Yourselfers and know that if you trust your IT departments, so do we! CTL has great self-repair options and repair parts for Chromebooks. Fix what you want, or leave it up to us, but you’ll love having the option to do Chromebook repairs on site.

Access to easily purchase spare parts

Of course, what self-service repair option would be complete without access to easily purchase spare parts for your Chromebooks? CTL has a wide variety of Chromebook parts for self-repairs. Need a new Camera module, touch LCD panel, battery, keyboard, or Touchpad ribbon? We’ve got you covered. Order with our fast shipping or keep bulk order to keep spare parts on hand for fast self-service repairs on your Chromebooks.

A smooth Chromebook deployment for your school is important, but being able to trust that your vendor stands behind their products and has your back when you need them is priceless. We know Chrome and we know education, so you can trust that with the CTL Fast Track service you and your students and staff are dealing with USA based qualified professionals who pick up the phone and are ready to help you manage your Chrome deployment.

Contact one of our awesome CTL Sales Reps who can answer all your questions about Chromebook options, deployments, warranty programs, and the Fast Track Program!