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How to Minimize Classroom Disruptions

How to Minimize Classroom Disruptions

Make the most of every minute you spend teaching.


If you’ve been teaching a while, you know how frustrating disruptions can be. That’s why it’s important to plan for them in advance and to communicate expectations to your class on the very first day of school. That way students are well aware of the conduct they are to display while in the classroom. Using your CTL computer, you can create a classroom list that you display in a high traffic area where it can be seen and reviewed often. You can also type up a document containing the class rules, photocopy them, and pass them out to each student.

Here is how to minimize classroom disruptions:

  • Model the type of behavior you expect from your students. That way, they can do exactly as you want them to do. They’ll follow your example which minimizes disruptions and instills a sense of pride in them for a job well done.
  • Schedule breaks to go to the bathroom and get a drink as a class if you teach younger students. Make it so that everyone goes together to the restroom and water fountain. You’ll have fewer requests to go alone that way.
  • Stick to a routine as much as possible. Again, this is about expressing expectations. Students are able to do many things on their own when they’re familiar with a routine. They can be in their desks, ready to go by the time you’re prepared to share your lesson with them.
  • Rotate classroom obligations, so each student gets to do a specific task. Empower students by giving them responsibilities. It helps build skills and their self-esteem. When tasks are being taken care of by everyone, there is no room for jealousy or competition. Each student knows it will be their turn to do a certain task very soon.

It doesn’t matter what grade you teach, there will be interruptions to deal with. You can easily prevent them and disruptions from interfering with your lesson plans. By implementing the tips listed above, you’ll be able to focus more on the task at hand and less on the unexpected mishaps taking place in the classroom. You’ll be able to accomplish more in less time without putting forth a lot of extra effort.

How to Set Up an Assignment Binder for Substitute Teachers

How to Set Up an Assignment Binder for Substitute Teachers



What you need to include in your lesson plans and notes for subs.


As a teacher, you’ll experience absences from time to time. Working with the substitutes that the district hired to step in and take your place while you’re gone from the classroom is easy when you have a detailed assignment binder created for them to use. It provides them with direction, important notations, and lesson plans that they can easily teach from and get students to participate in.

Things to Include in Your Lesson Plan Notebook

The assignment binder you set up for subs should be organized, easy-to-understand, and provide detailed instructions about how your class operates daily. Providing lesson plans that are adaptable given the circumstances makes a big difference. That way, a substitute isn’t at a loss if something out of the ordinary happens.

Things that you’ll want to add to your lesson plan notebook include:

  • A welcome letter. Introduce yourself formally to the substitute. Thank them for being willing to take your place while you’re away from school.
  • An outline of class procedures. Mention the routine that your class goes through each day. Note what time lunch is and when there are scheduled recesses or breaks.
  • Rules of the classroom. Give the substitute a list of rules that are expected to be upheld by the students. Explain the disciplinary actions that are taken when a student doesn’t do as they are expected to.
  • Class roll as well as assigned seating charts if applicable. This allows the sub to account for every student in the classroom. It also helps them keep track of who is whom because they can refer to the seating chart for names.
  • Lesson plans with detailed instructions as well as notes about which students can assist with teaching if needed. Suggesting students that can help with lessons makes it easier on subs. Choose one or two pupils that show great leadership skills. They’ll be able to serve as an example when solving problems, demonstrating how a project is done or even helping the substitute teacher get the other students organized.
  • Disciplinary forms, field trip slips, and notes for parents. Keep extra copies on hand so the sub can fill them out or pass them out as needed. If there are students who receive feedback on behavior, include notes about what should be relayed to their parents. That way, they get the information they requested even when you are gone.
  • Feedback sheets that can be updated with details about how the day or days went. This information is for your eyes only. The sub will give you details about what was taught as well as any obstacles they encountered throughout the day. They can make notes about the students that were absent, who was willing to help out while you were gone, and other school happenings.

You can add additional notes and resources as you see fit. Each classroom is unique, so the list above highlights the standard items found in a substitute teacher’s binder or notebook. As time permits, adding more instructions can help the days that you’re absent go more smoothly. Don’t forget to include passcodes needed for the photocopier and the one needed to log onto the CTL laptop you use for teaching.

Setting Up Your Substitutes and Students for Success

Setting up an assignment binder for substitutes is among the most rewarding tasks a teacher can do. It allows you to prepare for absences effectively. When you return to the classroom, you know that your students are precisely where they need to be lesson-wise because of your ability to plan ahead.

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