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Technology for Everyone: The CTL 2go Convertible Classmate NL3

At CTL, we believe that people of all ages and abilities should have access to technology. That’s why the CTL 2go Convertible Classmate NL3 has specific design features that make it accessible to all users, including those with a disability.

The NL3 includes 2 USB ports, an HDMI port, a VGA port, 2 headphone/speaker audio out jacks, a microphone/line in jack, integrated stereo speakers and a 2-in-1 SDHC/MMC reader. These ports allow the NL3 to interface with peripherals, software and assistive technologies used by students, teachers and others with visual, hearing, mobility, communication and/or cognitive impairments.

At only 3.5 lbs., the NL3 is highly portable and includes a texturized surface and an integrated carrying handle.  This makes it easy to carry for all students, including those with physical disabilities who may have difficulty carrying a conventional laptop.

The NL3 features a unique swiveling screen that transforms it from a laptop to a touch screen tablet. Depending on the disability, some users with limited range of motion can benefit from a tablet form factor, while others may find the clamshell form factor with physical keyboard and arrow keys easier to use. Because the screen is touch sensitive in tablet or clamshell mode, students with motor or range of motion disabilities can use either the integrated touch pad pointing device or navigate and interact with software by touching the screen. The touch screen also features advanced palm-resting technology for full hand support when in writing or drawing mode.


CTL 2go Convertible Classmate PCThe NL3 also incorporates the following additional accessibility features:

•             A Chiclet keyboard with physically separated keys, which reduces the chance of hitting the wrong key

•             An integrated stylus for optionally touching and writing on the screen instead of using a finger

•             A matte non-glare screen for easier viewing

•             A microphone for use with assistive technology voice commands

•             Dual audio out/speaker/headphone jacks so that an instructor can easily listen to content on headphones along with the student

•             A spill resistant touch pad with a left and right dedicated buttons for ‘right click’ and ‘left click’ software functionality. The pointing pad can be used for precise cursor control and supports tap, double tap and left and right scrolling gestures for ease of use

  • A variety of input mechanisms for navigation:
    • A microphone for use with assistive technology voice commands
    • A touch sensitive screen that can be used in conjunction with the physical keyboard
    • A touch pad pointing device
    • Dedicated physical buttons under the touch pad pointing device for ‘left click’ and ‘right click’ software functions
    • A keyboard with dedicated arrows

We take pride in providing netbooks that work for everyone, regardless of disability. That’s why the CTL 2go NL3 Convertible Classmate PC is built to adapt to a variety of needs. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-642-3087 x223.


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