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The Benefits of 3G Connectivity for Schools, Medical Professionals, Governments, and Mobile Workers

Who hasn’t experienced these frustrating scenarios? You try to go online and discover there are no wireless networks in sight? Or you try to jump on some borrowed weak signal only to get dropped every few minutes? As the demand to be online anywhere, anytime has risen, technology has expanded to meet this need. Internet access options are constantly evolving to be the fastest, best and farthest reaching. Using a 3G card is a relatively new technology within the past decade that allows connection anywhere that a cell phone 3G network is available.

All you need is an account with a cell phone provider to use their 3G network, and a computer or laptop that has the compatible connectivity. For example, CTL offers several laptops with 3G connectivity from AT & T. To learn more, click on the links to see the 3G-capable 2go Classmate PC NL3 and 2go Classmate E12 and the W130 and W350 notebooks.

Educators can access the internet while in meetings, on school campus, at professional development sessions, and at home. While some schools have their own network, 3G provides consistent online access in the event the school network goes down. Teachers can also set up a 3G network in the classroom so that their students can share information and collaborate on projects.

3G connectivity also helps meet the challenge of providing healthcare services to people in isolated locations. With 3G mobile broadband, medical professionals can overcome geographic barriers that have traditionally hampered access to healthcare. Today, medical professionals can reach more people for routine and emergency services, personal health management, remote diagnostics and security monitoring services, thanks to wireless health solutions utilizing 3G networks.

Government agencies such as police, fire, or other emergency response teams often need to access or send information rapidly. Video footage of a crime scene, criminal records, or online maps of an area may need to be sent or received in high pressure situations. Instead of searching for a wireless network, 3G connectivity can ensure that no time is wasted when every second counts.

And for the rest of us, there’s the convenience of working from anywhere without being hindered by a lack of wireless networks. Consider that employers are now actively promoting the expansion of their mobile workforce as reflected in the following statistics sited in a study by the Telework Coalition:

• 89 of the top 100 US companies offer telecommuting;

• 58 percent of companies consider themselves a virtual workplace;

• only nine percent of employees worked at headquarters; and

• 67 percent of all workers used mobile and wireless computing

To help this evolving workforce move forward, CTL is offering products with 3G connectivity to help meet the need for reliable, universal, online communications.


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