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The Best Cloud-Based Internet Security for Schools is Available through CTL

The Best Cloud-Based Internet Security for Schools is Securly, Available through CTL

If your educational organization is looking for the best cloud-based internet security for schools, it can be hard to differentiate between competing companies. As schools research solutions to meet CIPA compliance and provide internet safety for kids, We have some useful information to help distinguish what sets Securly apart from competitors such as GoGuardian. After reviewing the facts, we think you’ll agree that Securly’s unique features make it the best cloud-based internet security for schools.

Securly is a Unified Solution: Chromebooks are a subset of what Securly does. Securly is able to provide the same level of protection across ALL devices that typically make up a school’s network. This would include Chromebooks, iPads, Windows PCs and Macbooks. GoGuardian is a Chromebook-only solution and the school is stuck having to manage two filters. Securly is a comprehensive replacement for an appliance based solution (iBoss, Lightspeed, etc).

Bully and Self-Harm Detection: Most schools tend to block Social Networking outright. Securly moves the needle for digital citizenship by allowing schools to open this up inside a walled garden (and away from school). With Securly, schools are able to audit social media posts and use natural language processing to alert on posts that could be indicative of self harm and bullying. This video shows the effectiveness of Securly’s natural language processing features for social media: https://vimeo.com/108199772

Parental Integration: Securly believes that parents are essential partners in a 1:1 rollout and has created the ability for parents log into their dashboard and see what their kids are doing on school owned devices and set policies on them. Learn more about Securly’s parental integration features here: https://vimeo.com/110198195

CTL is proud to partner with Securly, the best cloud-based internet security for schools. Schools that purchase the CTL Education ChromebookCTL J2 Chromebook for Education, CTL J4 Chromebook for Education or CTL J4+ Chromebook for Education (with IPS panel) can get peace of mind with the included Securly in-school and take-home cloud based filtering. Our best education Chromebooks from CTL with Securly will help IT Administrators manage their school’s internet safety policy and achieve CIPA compliance (Child Internet Protection Act), an e-rate requirement, by providing real-time view of student activity as well as the ability to see a report of websites students have either visited or been blocked from accessing. By implementing Securly in their 1:1 programs, K-12 school IT departments and educators will be better able to shape and secure the students online screen time in accordance with the web filtering requirements of the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and e-rate.

If you have already purchased a CTL Education Chromebook or the CTL J2 Chromebook for Education, your free year of Securly is retroactive. Contact CTL today to find out how to start your free year of Securly, the best cloud-based internet security for schools.