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The CTL® Education Chromebook – Not Just for Education!

The CTL Education Chromebook

Healthcare Professionals will Love this Fast, Secure and Affordable Chromebook

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about our upcoming CTL® Education Chromebook (http://blog.ctl.net/the-ctl-education-chromebook-gains-media-attention/3587/), but don’t let the name fool you – it’s not just for education! While it’s true that this Chromebook was developed with our partners at Intel with Education in mind, the CTL® Education Chromebook is a great solution for doctors, nurses and EMS crews as well.

Chromebooks are a relative newcomer to the computer marketplace, and quickly gaining popularity for their affordability, security and easy-to-use interface. There are many benefits to a Chromebook – rapid start up times, automatic updates so it doesn’t slow down over time, faster web browsing, and built-in apps and virus protection. The entire unit­—including the keyboard, screen and touch pad—is water-resistant, making the CTL® Education Chromebook easy to disinfect.

For larger organizations such as hospitals, the good news is that IT departments can easily manage Chromebooks. And, for medical professionals who work from remote locations such as mobile clinics or in-store immunization kiosks, Chromebooks are an efficient solution to access records and process payments.

For example, a recent article in EMR, EHR & Healthcare IT News describes how Mollen Immunization Clinic, the nation’s largest independent mass immunizer, equipped over 4,000 of its immunization clinics at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club with Chromebooks. Another success story of Chromebooks in healthcare is told in the article, “Why these 160 nurses love their Chromebooks” in CITEworld.com. This article tells about the benefits Pediatric Home Service’s nurses have experienced since the company switched to Chromebooks a few years ago. Rick Mueller, Pediatric Home Service’s IT manager, told CITEworld the nurses “love the long battery life, the light weight and the ease of use” of the devices. “From an IT perspective, the maintenance on a Chromebook is significantly less. You unbox them, set them and forget them. They update themselves,” he told CITEworld.

The CTL® Education Chromebook has some unique features that make it ideal for fast-paced healthcare environments. Based on the Intel Bay Trail-M SoC, it can deliver up to 11 hours of battery life and has been designed to withstand bumps and accidental drops of up to 70cm on concrete. When the device is dropped on a side or corner, the plastic bumper hits the ground first, protecting the LCD screen. In addition, there is a retractable carry handle, non-slip texture, reinforced ports and water-resistant keyboard.

For more information, including pricing and availability, contact your sales representative today or visit ctl.net/education-chromebook.