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The CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook Earns High Marks From Promevo

The CTL Education Chromebook Now Available at Promevo

Promevo, one of the largest Premier Google Apps and Chromebooks resellers in North America recently ran an extensive evaluation on the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook and their findings outline this device’s exceptional durability and performance.

“We evaluated the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook’s design, performance, and battery life and discovered the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook to be a rugged and durable 11.6” Chromebook, with the specs to perform great in any environment. Additionally, we found that the CTL NL6 Education Chromebook has an average boot up speed of 7.9 seconds, an octane score of about 7,311 plugged in, and exceptional HD video performance. The CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook’s rugged design and exceptional performance are sure to make it a strong competitor in the Chromebook marketplace,” Promevo reviewer Greg Middendorf, states.

The CTL® Education Chromebook was evaluated for design, including the case, keyboard, touchpad, display, speakers, temperature and battery life. Performance tests included Boot Up Speed, Octane, Motion Display (using WebGL Aquarium), Chrome Browser testing and HD Video.

To watch Promevo’s unboxing video and read the entire report on the CTL Education Chromebook, go to: http://ctl.re/7rRs7G

CTL® launched their NL6 Education Chromebook in July of this year. This device is becoming popular with educators and school IT departments because it’s quick to deploy and easy to manage. The CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook is designed specifically for education and has unique features such as a ruggedized design, non-slip texture, carry handle and rotatable camera. We’re proud to have Promevo as a reseller for the CTL® NL6 Education Chromebook –  visit http://ctl.re/ctl-education-chromebook-promevo to order today!