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The Future is Now: CTL's Chromebox Capabilities

 Emily Montagno | Brand Manager 

In today’s modern world there are limitless possibilities of how we’re able to connect and collaborate globally. Because of updated technology, there is a variety of work opportunities that never existed previously. At CTL, we keep this in mind with everything we do because our priority is to provide superior products that enhance your everyday capabilities.

CTL's best Chromeboxes are a reliable minicomputer device that makes collaboration, from anywhere, possible. Having recently celebrated the first official #WorkFromAnywhere Week, we highlighted the CTL Chromebox CBx1-7H as part of Logitech’s Room Solutions for Google Meet. It has allowed our customers, employees and clients a seamless video conferencing experience. With this technology at our fingertips, we can work just about anywhere these days and with the capabilities of the Chromebox plus meeting hardware kits available, it has become that much easier. 

In partnering with Logitech, we’ve achieved great success in offering these new #WorkFromAnywhere solutions. With Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet, collaborators are able to cut down significantly on costs that typical systems run for and even customize to fit their environment. With G Suite integration it is easier than ever to collaborate remotely, and IT admins are satisfied knowing these solutions include built-in customer support.

“Being able to work remotely has been life-changing” says Nani Kalakau, who lives in Israel but works remotely as the Marketing Coordinator for CTL Headquarters in Oregon. “I owe a lot of my capabilities of working from anywhere to our conferencing solutions as I hold weekly conference calls using Logitech’s Google Meets Hardware, including CTL’s Chromebox component. Despite not being able to have a physical presence at our headquarters, applications like Google Meet and G Suite have allowed me to keep my productivity at an all-time high.”

Check out more reviews of the CTL Chromebox from Android Police and Chrome Unboxed. Have any questions? Leave a comment or contact us to see which Chromebox is right for you!

By Emily Montagno | Brand Manager
Emily Montagno is the Brand Manager at CTL. When she isn’t creating on the computer, she enjoys screen printing or being outside.