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The Latest 2go® Windows 8.1 Tablet is Here!

Announcing CTL®’s 2go PC C22L 11.6″ Tablet

CTL 2go C22L 11'' TabletThe new CTL® Windows 8.1 tablet has arrived. This user-friendly device boasts value and performance, allowing users to go from play to work mode in a snap. Yes, that snapping noise is the optional detachable keyboard (sold separately), which gives you the flexibility to type when you need to and makes this more than just a tablet.

The 2go® PC C22L’s 11.6” 1366 x 768 widescreen display makes it easy to read and write documents, play games, use social media, watch videos and more. With 4 GB of memory, 64GB of SATA storage, and an Intel® Celeron 1007 (Ivy Bridge)/NM70 Chipset, there’s no need to slow down workflow or take a break from the newest app from the Microsoft app store.

This Windows 8.1 tablet features both a rear-facing and front-facing camera, as well as a kickstand. Take selfies, Skype, videoconference and prepare presentations with ease. The small form factor of the device also makes it great for meetings, and removes the need to bring bulky laptops to present great ideas.

If you’re looking for the latest tablet technology, look no further. The 2go PC C22L’s 10-point capacitive touch screen is perfect for using the new Windows 8.1 OS. Enjoy two apps on the same screen, download new and updated apps, get built-in cloud storage and use improved search functions. 

This versatile tablet goes beyond entertainment and functions as a PC to create documents so you can lighten your load when traveling for work or play. Play games while watching Netflix, check the latest Facebook updates and be productive anywhere. It’s durable and great for kids, but professionals will find it to be a useful mobile device as well. With the holidays right around the corner, this affordable and innovative tablet makes an excellent gift for anyone on your list.

To take a closer look at the 2go C22L 11.6” Windows 8 Tablet, check out this link.


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