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The PC Reborn: CTL’s New All-in-One XA770 and XA770T

CTL AIO XA770 PCNow more than ever, less is more when it comes to PC design.  Just as cell phones are morphing from the brick sized models of the 1990s, PCs are also shrinking their profile while increasing in power. Why? Because it’s possible! It’s just human nature to want to do more with less, and CTL is excited to offer our most impressive All-in-One PC to date. It is the desktop redefined!

The XA770 and XA770T (touch), both feature a leading edge profile that is only 12 mm thin, a frameless smooth glass bezel, and a stunning edge-to-edge 1920×1080 HD IPS wide viewing angle LED panel. It comes with a solid one-piece removable aluminum L stand that is as beautiful as it is stable. When you need to mount the XA770, simply remove the stand and use in a VESA mount configuration.

But the beauty of the new XA770 AIOs goes well beneath the surface. These are also easily configurable and high-performing PCs that come with Windows 8. The XA770T model is a natural fit for the new Windows 8 interface, allowing users to swipe, tap, pinch, and drag their fingertips across the screen for smooth navigation and seamless multi-tasking. Yet, you might not know that you can also easily use Windows 8 gestures on the XA770 non-touch model by using the Microsoft Touch Mouse, Logitech Touch Mouse T620, or Logitech Touch Pad T650 (all available at ctl.net).

The most convenient attribute of these new AIOs is the versatility allowed through use of Intel’s new Thin Mini-iTX standard, which makes it possible for these PCs to use standard parts, and be easily upgradeable. Choose from Celeron, Intel i-3, i-5, or i-7 processors, get up to 16GB RAM, and have the option of SATA hard drives from 250GB up to 3TB. Or increase your hard drive’s durability and speed by upgrading to an SSD drive (60-480GB available). If you want a dual SATA/SSD hard drive set up, we can do that, too. The point is that these new AIOs are highly customizable and you no longer have to sacrifice power and storage for an elegant minimalist design—both are yours with the XA770 PCs.

Once you’ve set up your configuration, it’s time to impress. Whether you’re making a presentation in the boardroom or Skyping with your family, the luxurious sight and sound of the CTL XA770 and XA770T will create an unprecedented audio/visual experience. Both models come with an HD 720p webcam and dual array digital microphone so you can be seen and heard like never before. Because the screen is frameless, you won’t have the interruption of a raised frame edge, giving the display a sleek look.

The CTL XA770 All-in-One Windows 8 PCs are ideal for the office, home entertainment, kiosks, point-of-sale counters, and anywhere you want to make a good impression with your PC. Give your workplace a modern look with these new AIOs, and enjoy your new desk space!

Watch the video below to see our new AIO in action:


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