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Top Reviews Of The 2go Classmate PC E10 / E10IS

We’ve compiled a list of the top reviews of the Intel® Atom™ powered 2go™ Classmate PC E10 from around the web. If you’ve written or seen a review that you think should be on this list, please let us know! More information about the 2go Classmate PC E10 / E10IS can be found here.

2go Classmate PC E10

The 2go Classmate PC E10

Laptop Magazine: CTL 2go E10 Classmate

Summary: “CTL’s update to the 2go netbook offers welcome performance enhancements, a better keyboard, and a kid-friendly design. The lack of stylish accents or cartoon characters may seem dull to some kids, but parents will appreciate the enhanced durability.”

PC Mag: 2go Classmate PC E10

Summary: “The 2Go Classmate PC E10 has a clean, simple design that will appeal to most kids and a durable build that will appeal to their parents.”

Gizmodo: CTL 2Go E10 Classmate PC for Kids Hands-On

Summary: “What the Classmate lacks in style it makes up for in durability. The 10-inch netbook (unlike its convertible tablet sibling) can take a beating. Its hard drive is shock mounted and the chassis can withstand a 70 cm drop. And I wasn’t scared to drool on it since its keyboard is spill resistant.”

Liliputing: CTL 2goPad SL10 Windows 7 Slate PC review

Summary: “The laptop has a number of features that make it ideal for use by younger students. While it’s a bit thicker than your typical netbook, it has a sturdy plastic case that feels like it can take a beating or survive short falls with ease.”

EEE-PC Blog: CTL Unveils the Kid-Friendly 2go Classmate PC E10

Summary: “… this netbook is able to withstand the rigorous treatment it will receive from kids so CTL made it with durable, spill resistant, sturdy plastic case. It also comes with a removable carrying handle. You can have this netbook for around $445 with basic configurations, which I think is enough to suit your kids’ needs.”


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