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Turn your Hospital or Clinic Televisions or Computer Monitors into “Smart TVs!” Or Create Your Own Digital Signage with the Glow Stick™

CTL HDMI Android Micro ComputerPatient information and entertainment is being revolutionized thanks to advanced internet technology. Hospitals and clinics can now offer their patients advanced internet capabilities which can give information to patients, enhance their safety and make their stay more pleasant and comfortable.

CTL’s HDMI Android Microcomputer turns any HDMI television screen or monitor into a Smart TV that can browse the internet, connect with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube, run apps, and access thousands of movies and television shows streamed directly from the internet. In addition, patients can easily visit your facility’s website to view safety policies, menus, services, and pertinent information regarding their specific medical condition.

The CTL HDMI Android Microcomputer is a compact (about the size of your thumb), easy-to-install device that enables patients who might not otherwise have internet access to stay connected with information and online entertainment via the television in their room or a screen placed in waiting rooms, lobbies, or hallways. And for patients who have an Apple® iPhone®, iPod® touch or compatible mobile phone with an Android operating system, a Remote app allows them to interact with the screens using their phone as a remote control.

If your medical facility already has HDMI television screens or monitors, there’s no need to purchase new TVs in order to have Smart TV. The CTL HDMI Android Micro Computer is only $129.99 and will extend the life and functionality of your existing screens. If your hospital or clinic is looking for a new display for Smart TV, check out CTL’s selection of monitors at ctl.net. All of our 22” to 27” LED monitors are all HDMI ready.

Other features of the CTL HDMI Android Micro Computer include:

• Powerful CPU & GPUAdapt and cortex A9 1Ghz processor, Mail400, supports 3D graphic, open GLES 1.1 & 2.0

• Wi-Fi connection (802.11b/g/n)

• Full HD 1080p playback Via HDMI output for clear images in high-definition.

• DLNA capability For streaming music, videos and photos from compatible DLNAdevices.

• 1 Mini USB to connect to TV USB port or USB adapter, allowing for an easy connection of peripherals including External HDD

• Outputs Include 1 Micro SD card slot, 1 USB, 1 HDMI, 1 Mini USB for power, IRreceiver port .

Digital Signage Solutions from CTL and Glow Networks

CTL has also teamed up with Glow Networks™  to offer an affordable digital signage solution package that produces high-end quality visuals so your medical facility can make the most out of your messaging. Rotate between hospital maps and directions, patient safety information, emergency communications and messages on health and wellness. Digital signage will assist your patients and visitors with helpful information that is easily visible throughout the facility.

CTL’s digital signage solutions are available now at glownet.tv. All you need is an HDMI-capable TV or monitor, the plug in Glow Stick™ (which is the same small size as the HDMI Android Micro Computer), and a Glow DS Studio™ subscription software to program your own digital signage. Using Glow DS Studio™, you can manage, schedule and report content and activity on your own Digital Signage Network. At only $15/month, Glow DS Studio™ integrates seamlessly with the Glow Stick™ (only $100) and any HDMI-capable display (available at ctl.net/displays).

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