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ULV: What is it, and how can it benefit you?

The CTL QW6 11.6" ULV Laptop

The CTL QW6 is a highly mobile ULV Laptop with an 11.6

By John Tucker
CTL 2go PC Mobile Product Manager

ULV: What is it, and how can it benefit you?
We all know what a netbook is:  A low powered processor in a micro form factor designed to do basic computing tasks such as web, email, and music playing.  We all know what a notebook is: A more powerful computer designed to handle all of your computing tasks, many people have allready dropped desktops completely in favor of the more portable notebook.
The purpose of a ULV machine is simple:  Take the portability of a netbook and combine it with the power of a notebook.

ULVs take the smaller sizes seen in netbooks and pair them with a new class of processors that are more powerful than netbook processors, but require less power and give off less heat than a traditional notebook processor.
Intel markets ULV processors with Celeron, Pentium, and Core names, just like the more powerful processors that we have see in traditional notebooks.  ULV Machines feature higher resolution displays, full versions of Microsoft’s windows 7 OS, larger hard drives, and more memory than we have seen in netbooks.

CTL’s exciting new ULV
CTL has always been a market innovator, and once again we are taking the lead with the ULV class of machines.  CTL just launched the 2goPC QW6.  This mighty machine packs a powerful punch: Dual Core Pentium Processor, DDR3 Memory, HDMI, a brilliant HD+ 11.6” display.  All in an ultra small package that you will hardly notice in your  backpack or briefcase.

CTL will continue to innovate, and the new QW6 is an example.


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