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Unlimited Possibilities With The CTL X3200 32" Monitor

With recent product launches of our best Chromebooks and Chromboxes, there is so much to share involving the capabilities and synchronization of all CTL Chrome devices. Adding beauty and functionality, the CTL X3200 32” LCD Monitor is a must-have display that will ramp up visuals and provide a seamless working experience. Here’s a quick glimpse of just a few possibilities available when pairing the CTL X3200 monitor with another device. 

Chromebox 2-in-1 work station bundle

If a space-saving solution for technology needs is a priority, then CTL Chromebox bundles are the best option. Pair the CTL X3200 32” display with the CTL Chromebox CBx2 and access the latest Intel Celeron processors for a quick, high-powered experience. With the latest Intel Wi-Fi 6, the CBx2 workstation bundle can stay up and running all day without interruption. 

Second monitor with a Chromebook

Even with the recent launch of the CTL Chromebook NL81 14” series that features Full High Definition (FHD) display, pairing with a second screen or smaller Chromebook will improve collaboration and provide an easier workflow. Connect the CTL X3200 monitor with any computer device via HDMI and experience clear, crisp visuals like never before! With this monitor’s tilt-angle capabilities, personalizing any work setup is quick and easy. 

Work from home video conferencing kits

When working from home it is important to have access to Google Workspace and other collaborative tools to keep productivity high. With CTL work from home video conferencing kits, pair any kit with the CTL X3200 monitor for an optimal video conferencing experience. With CTL work from home video conferencing kits there are all the essential tools necessary to ramp up your workspace for meetings and more - just connect to a TV, or better yet a monitor, to really save on space!

There are many ways to use the CTL X3200 32” LCD monitor whether it be in a Chromebox bundle, paired with a Chromebook or even for video conferencing. With enriched graphics and integrated speakers, visuals are higher quality and better than ever no matter your set up. The future is digital and this is a simple, affordable way to enhance your work space to boost productivity.

Check out the latest Chromebooks, Chromboxes and tablets at ctl.net and contact your CTL sales rep or websales@ctl.net to purchase today.

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