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Unveiling the 2goPad SL10 Pro

Today we’re thrilled to unveil the 2goPad SL10 Pro, the newest product in our tablet line. The 2goPad™ SL10 Pro offers the same state of the art multi-touch capacitive screen, Intel® Atom™ N450 1.66GHz processor and generous 2GB of memory as the SL10 but includes a 64GB SSD Hard Drive, Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional pre-installed, capacitive stylus pen, custom cleaning cloth and a small highly portable Bluetooth enabled wireless keyboard with a track pad. Additionally, the Pro model is 3G ready. We’re very excited about the 2goPad SL10 Pro. We think it will increase functionality and conectivity for our customers. For more information about the 2goPad SL10 Pro you can read the press release here or pre-order the 2goPad here.
The 2goPad SL10 Pro


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