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We Know Chrome – CTL is Your Chromebook for Education Provider

Chromebook for Education Experts at CTL are Here to Help You Customize 1:1 Solutions

With four Chromebook models designed specifically for education, CTL is quickly becoming recognized as the go-to source for Chromebook and Chrome related solutions. Our CTL J2 Chromebook for Education was recently “Highly Rated” by PCMAG.com. “I’d recommend it as the best education-focused Chromebook we’ve seen,” said Brian Westover in his August 4, 2015 review.

Our CTL NL6 Education Chromebook was launched in June of 2014 and we were among the first to bring this Intel-designed ruggedized Chromebook to market. Unique features include reinforced ports and hinges, non-slip texture, fanless design, anti-peel keys and 180-degree rotating camera with an optional microscope lens.

Here is a brief overview of CTL’s line of Chromebooks.

CTL NL6 Education Chromebook

  • Intel Quad Core processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 4MB of ultra fast cache
  • Up to 9.5 hours battery life
  • Carry handle (hangs in a locker)
  • Ruggedized design with spill resistant keyboard and reinforced hinges
  • Camera rotates 180 degrees

CTL J2 Chromebook for Education

  • Quad Core ARM Cortex-A17 processor
  • Only 2.4 lbs., about 20% lighter than other popular Chromebook models
  • Textured cover
  • 9+ hours battery life
  • 11.66” 1366 x 768 LED anti-glare screen
  • 16GB eMMC SDD storage
  • 2GB RAM

CTL J4 Chromebook for Education

  • Same specs as the CTL J2, but with 4GB RAM

CTL J4+ Chromebook for Education

Same specs as the CTL J4 but with an IPS panel for enhanced viewing experiences. Wide viewing angle of 180 degrees.

All of CTL’s Chromebooks come with one free year of Securly cloud-based internet security. In addition to our own brand, CTL has partnered with major brands such as Acer, ASUS, HP, Dell so that we can offer their line of Chromebooks to our valued education customers.


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