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What Are The New Updates With Google Drive?

After announcing the transition of G Suite to Google Workspace, many rollouts of updated app capabilities have been launching and making collaboration easier than ever before. With so many new announcements and features it can be difficult to keep track of it all, but each update is definitely worth noting. Here is a deeper dive into the updated Google Workspace features  and how to make the most of them!

Share Google docs easier

A smaller update but still very beneficial to maximizing work productivity is the changes made with sharing Google docs. Previously, if a Google doc was shared and restricted to a certain user, it would take a few steps to get that user authorized and able to access the document. Now, granting and sharing permissions for Google docs can be done swiftly in Gmail. Simply receive an email from the person asking permission and approve directly within Gmail through the dynamic email setting.

How do you use dynamic email?

Dynamic email allows you to complete tasks in Gmail without having to toggle between tabs and reload pages to verify a user. Also, when working within Google docs, any comments or changes made can be viewed directly from the dynamic email sent to track all changes made. This saves a ton of time and further enhances productivity without having to interrupt your work flow!

Not only is dynamic email used for Google Drive notifications but Gmail has done a great job of creating dynamic emails as a way to promote Gmail and Google Workspace entirely as a singular hub type of setup. With so many integrations and updates for cross-collaboration across Google apps and tools, it is now as simple as the touch of a button to get up and running. 

If you are unsure whether your dynamic email setting is enabled, see this guide to turning on and off dynamic email in Gmail

Google Drive trash changing

After 30 days of a file being in Google Drive trash, it will automatically be deleted permanently. If this is a working document shared with others, there is the option to transfer Google doc ownership to someone else. If you want to recover a file, try to do it within the 30-day window of the file in the trash folder, otherwise contact your administrator for help with recovery.

Google Drive is an excellent space to share and collaborate so it is important to know how to properly access all functionalities available. For more information about G Suite updates check out the introduction to Google Workspace to stay in the know. 

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