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What is a Google Jamboard?

Google continues to take the education and enterprise world by storm with the latest technology in Chrome devices like Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and tablets. But did you know about Google Jamboards and the incredible value it can provide for any work space? Here’s what you should know about using a Jamboard and how it can enhance your productivity whether in the classroom, office, or working remotely. 

What is a Google Jamboard?

Google Jamboard is an impressive device with 55-inch 4K ultra-high definition that integrates a responsive experience to those not in the room with a Jamboard. Built with a wide-angle camera, functional microphone and sound system, Jamboards are an efficient method to provide real-time interactions even if participating virtually. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, Jamboards have various helpful components so you can sync, work and interact across multiple devices. 

How do I use Google Jamboard?

Access various G Suite and Chrome applications to easily share content from the other devices you rely on. Jamboards have various applications for creative drawing tools making it easy to collaborate and add to the conversation. 

When using the Jamboard device, adjusting digital graphics, editing presentations and having Google Meet video conferences have never been easier to do and all at once. By projecting the Jamboard into Google Hangout, users can access and interact with the Jamboard content through other devices like phones, tablets, and other Jamboards.

How do I set up Google Jamboard?

A simple single cable for power, just plug in and you are ready to play! There is also an option to include a stand that makes it so easy to roll around the room and really be interactive - even from a distance. 

Google Jamboard specs

  • 55” 4K UHD display
  • 120 Hz touch scan rate
  • 60 Hz video refresh rate
  • HDMI 2.0, USB Type C , 2 X USB 3.0
  • SPDIF audio out
  • WIFI 802.11ac 2x2, NFC
  • 1 Gigabyte Ethernet
  • Google Cast
  • Built in tilt support
  • Built in wide angle camera
  • Down firing speakers
  • Built in microphones
  • 16 simultaneous touch points
  • Handwriting and shape recognition
  • 2 x Fine tip passive stylus
  • Eraser
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Wall mount*
  • Rolling stand*

CTL Jamboard management

CTL takes a huge load off by doing the heavy lifting in the Jamboard licensing and management process. Offering white-glove service to qualifying accounts, CTL can have you and your organization up and running with your Jamboard setup in no time. 

Now for a limited time, CTL is offering 50% off of the Google Jamboard and $400 off the stand to qualified education customers! For $2,499 (management licensing fees not included), CTL takes care of everything including free shipping. Qualified enterprise customers can score a Jamboard for around $1,900 than its $5,000 price tag. Check out how to get your hands on Google Jamboards today at ctl.net.