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Why a 2goPad SL10 is not an iPad (and why that’s a good thing)

2goPad SL10 ProI wanted to write a note today to discuss the introduction of our new SL10 professional tablet. CTL first introduced the original tablet only two months ago. To our surprise we sold out in the first few days. The main question we are asked about our tablets is how do they compare to the iPad. Well simple, they don’t. I have an iPad. To be honest I think it’s a great device. However, I use it to screw around. Games, kindle, maybe some web surfing. Oh yeah, angry birds. Really it’s just a bigger version of my smart phone. We designed the SL10 for those that want a tablet experience but need to run real business applications. It exists to get real work done. We expanded on this by launching the sl10 pro with even more features. No doubt tablets are the buzz. I’m personally searching for my perfect device. My daily driver. I can say honestly that the iPad could never be this device. The SL10 pro however is as close as they come. Hats off to our product managers on this expansion of a great product.