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Why Do You Need the CTL X3200 32" Monitor? 

Working from home and collaborating remotely is becoming easier to do with the many resources and tools available. With ongoing updates involving Google Meet, Google Classroom and more, it is important to have the best computer monitors for viewing content-rich pages and high-quality graphics. The CTL X3200 32” LCD Monitor provides the ultimate viewing experience with crisp and clear visuals to amplify your work.

The CTL X3200 Monitor is a 32” LCD panel with 2560 x 1440 QHD (Quality High Definition) so you never miss a detail. Whether connected to a Chromebox, Chromebook or other computer device, the CTL X3200 is made to boost your work productivity and add value to your workflow. With a 9ms GTG response time, wide tilt-angle viewing and integrated speakers, trust that this computer monitor will deliver an outstanding visual and audio performance every single time. 


Height -  28.6”

Width - 21.8”

Depth - 9.1”

Weight - 17.9 lbs.

Pair the CTL X3200 32” Monitor with a Chromebox bundle with customizable options available. Choose from either Intel Celeron or i7 processors and use in-house printing options to really make it your own!

Purchase for $249 with Education quantity discounts available for qualified customers. Please contact websales@ctl.net for more information. Check out more computer monitors, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes today at ctl.net.