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Why Teachers Love the CTL® W130EV Notebook

Teacher with CTL W130EV Notebook1:1 e-Learning has not only opened doors for students, but many educators are quickly recognizing the benefits of having a laptop as an integrated part of their work. Even in classes where the students are not all using computers, most teachers are depending on laptops to organize their lesson plans and communicate within their school. Just as 1:1 computing levels the playing field for students, giving teachers laptops allows them to present ideas, view common sites, or have easier access to their email and online notices. And when used in conjunction with student classroom PCs, educators with laptops hold a powerful tool to monitor student workflow, address questions and give more one-on-one attention.

A teacher’s laptop needs a lot more power than the models their students are using. Often, their laptop is the central hub for data, feeding information to the class in the form of documents, slide show presentations or educational videos. So why do teachers love CTL®’s W130EV Notebook? It essentially comes down to power, portability and performance. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Power. We know that educators need to prepare their materials quickly and efficiently. The W130EV comes with the powerful 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i-3 processor, but if you want even more you can easily upgrade to the beefier i-5 or i-7. When you’re making classroom presentations, the last thing you need is a lag due to weak processing power. The W130EV is a Business Class Notebook, designed for professionals of all types. You can count on this notebook to keep your lessons moving and help you to easily move through multiple software applications without missing a beat.

Portability. Teachers have enough to lug around without adding a heavy laptop to their load. The W130EV notebook weighs less than 4 pounds, with a width of only 1.3’’. It easily fits in a backpack or small computer bag and has a battery life of over 5 hours for typical usage. All your work and communications can go wherever you go, making it easy to work from anywhere when you’re outside of the classroom. With a built-in Intel wireless adaptor, it will be no problem to get online and access the information you need!

Performance. The W130EV is built for the demands of busy mobile professionals, and we know that educators have a lot of irons in the fire. Multi-tasking, working within tight time constraints and producing a high volume of documents and presentations are part of your regular duties, so you need a laptop that can keep up with you. What’s great about this notebook is that it’s easy to upgrade in case you need more storage or RAM. It comes with a pretty good sized hard drive at 320GB, but you can go all the way up to 1TB. You can also choose an SSD hard drive, which is less susceptible to data loss due to physical shock and runs much more quietly than standard SATA drives. You’ll get an ample amount of RAM with 4GB standard, but it’s easy to upgrade to 8GB. When it comes to an operating system, choose between Windows 7 and 8, which is available in the Home Premium or Professional versions.

As part of their proposal for the Multi-State Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI), CTL® will allow schools to choose a pre-configured W130EV notebook as a teacher device. This notebook is even EPEAT-Silver rated, which means it’s passed stringent environmental screening for recyclability and earth-friendly materials. This is a great way to support your school’s efforts to go green! To learn more about CTL®’s involvement with the MLTI and their professional development for educators, click here.

To learn more about the W130EV for educators, contact your sales rep, or call us at 1-800-642-3087.


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