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Windows 10 Functions for Healthcare

How Windows 10 Functions for Healthcare can Benefit Your Organization

CTL is your source for Windows 10 devices and we’ve got great news for healthcare providers. Windows 10 functions for healthcare allow medical professional to work more efficiently, improve care and extend the reach of clinical services. Now is a great time to upgrade to the latest OS – with the Windows 10 experience being so familiar to Windows users, organizations will have little to no user training to move from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. We’ve outlined the latest Windows 10 functions for healthcare to demonstrate how upgrading will benefit your organization.

Mobility and Productivity

With the familiar Start Menu, Task Bar and Desktop and innovative features like Continuum, which optimizes your apps across touch and desktop modes, care teams will be able to fluidly interact with personal and professional devices, access critical EHR/EMR systems, and connect with each other wherever they may be – from intensive care units to home health visits or social care offices.

A More Secure, Private Computing Experience

Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever. With Windows 10, healthcare professionals can replace passwords with more secure options, such as biometrics and hardware-based multi-factor credentials. New advancements, such as Credential Guard protect login credentials by containing them in the hardware. With Device Guard and Secure Boot, Windows 10 enables health organizations to block attacks by allowing devices to run trusted software only.

New Levels of Engagement

Integration with existing systems and software, including more secure voice, chat, text and video, enables health professionals to connect with patients when and where it’s most convenient. By connecting new devices and platforms, like Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health, long-term care and chronic disease management can be extended to the home, and patients can proactively manage their health and wellness.

Windows 10 is available through CTL.net and can be included with the purchase of most of our desktop PCs, laptops or ruggedized Windows 2-in-1 tablets. For more information about CTL products, contact CTL or your sales representative today.