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Windows 8.1 Features That Healthcare Professionals will Love

Windows 8.1 logoHealthcare professionals are increasingly seeking devices to meet the connectivity, manageability, privacy and security requirements of enterprise healthcare IT environments. With the release of Windows 8.1 last month, clinicians can now gain better access to the critical applications and reference materials they need for their practice.

Here is an example of a healthcare organization taking advantage of Windows 8.1 Enterprise to transform their business operations and empower their increasingly mobile workforces. A recent Microsoft case study reports:

UnitedHealth Group has been working with Windows 8 over the past year with over 500 devices deployed to IT staff and mobile workers. The company is already testing and beginning the process of upgrading to Windows 8.1 with plans to deploy to over 5,000 devices in the next year. UnitedHealth Group is standardizing on Windows 8.1 for mobile health care workers, specifically care coordinators who perform in-home visits to assess health and coordinate care for members. By developing a modern line-of-business application running on a Windows 8.1 tablet device, a more efficient process will replace the current paper intensive documentation process. Long term, this will improve the efficiency in documenting care coordination services and also have an overall cost savings by streamlining complex reporting requirements. Windows 8.1 end-to-end security on a single device enhances the ability for UnitedHealth Group’s care coordinators in the field to remain more secure while assessing members’ health status and providing quicker access to care.”

Another benefit that Windows 8.1 offers medical professionals is access to exciting new apps. This fall, a company called AirStrip released a revolutionary new cardiac care app to operate on all Windows 8.1 devices. AirStrip ONE™ Cardiology supports expedited cardiac care delivery with a number of features including:

  • Current and historical ECGs with digital visual enhancement
  • The ability to edit and confirm findings
  • Push notification on critical values including STEMI and critical dysrhythmias
  • The ability to send ECGs and labs via secure link sharing
  • Smart ECG routing that supports timely follow-ups and improved population health management goals
  • Access to EMR, monitoring and other patient data

AirStrip ONE™ Cardiology is the latest in a line of clinical apps developed by AirStrip including, AirStrip ONE™ OB, AirStrip ONE™ Patient Monitoring, and AirStrip ONE™ EMR.

Other important improvements that will assist healthcare professionals include the “snapping windows” function that will allow users to have two apps on the screen at once, occupying equal space on your screen. Or, drag the divider line and give more space to one, if you prefer. Those with multiple screens will appreciate that apps can now use both screens to show different content.

When you’re conducting medical research, you’ll appreciate Windows 8.1’s improved search functions. Previously, the system-wide research defaulted to searching for apps, which was inconvenient when you wanted to search for files or settings. Now, you can easily search everywhere, including the internet.

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