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Chrome Devices for Education

Chrome Devices for Education

Chrome devices for education offer an alternative to the traditional laptop at a relatively low price point. With CTL Chromebooks for education, you can browse the web, write essays, complete online assignments, store files, and much more.

What Are Chrome Devices for Education?

Chrome devices for education include Chrombooks and Chromeboxes that are well-suited for different levels of schooling. Google Chromebooks for school are versatile devices that enable students to complete classwork and conduct research. Some of the Chrome devices for education offered by CTL include:

  • CTL Chromebook NL71 (180 degree lay flat clamshell, non-touch)
  • CTL Chromebook NL71TWB (360 degree convertible, touch, EMR pen)
  • CTL Chromebox 2 Celeron CTL22CBX2 2-in-1 with IP2153 22” display
  • We also sell Google Education upgrade (Chrome management) licenses
  • And more

Benefits of Chrome Devices for Education

Chrome devices for education provide students with a number of unique benefits. Some of the most valuable benefits of CTL Chromebooks for education include:

  • Collaborate from anywhere: Students can prepare for digitally-oriented professional life by collaborating online with other students through Chromebook apps.
  • Centralized management: Administrators can easily manage the settings and policies of thousands of student devices using the Google Admin Console.
  • Secure your data: Google Chromebooks for school update security features every six weeks and take additional steps to protect your data.
  • Customizable settings: Teachers and students can customize the settings on their Chrome devices to best suit their particular needs and preferences.

Compared to traditional laptops, Chrome devices for education offer a lot of benefits contained in a neat, easy-to-use package. Plus, CTL offers Chrombook accessories that can help better prepare Chromebook devices for classroom activities.

What Are the Best Chromebooks for Education?

The best Chromebook for education will depend on the needs of your classroom. Before choosing a Chrome device for education, make sure to take a few different considerations into account. For instance, will you need video conferencing capabilities? Will students be coding on their devices? Will content creation be necessary for classroom activities and assignments?

The good news is that many CTL education Chromebooks—as well as some Chrombook tablets—offer all of these features and more. Just make sure to consider your classroom needs and check the features of the Chrome device for education you’re looking at before making a purchase.