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CTL Google Chromebit

Chromebit PC sticks such as the Asus Chromebit CS10 are a popular option as a small and inexpensive Google Chrome OS device for digital signage, Chrome kiosk use, and industrial applications. However, IT Managers should be aware of limited AUE on the few older Chrome bit models that are still available in the market. 

Newer model Chromeboxes are a popular Chromebit alternative since they have longer AUEs, are more powerful and can be custom configured with RAM and SSD upgrades.

The top-rated CTL Chromebox is available in Intel Celeron and Intel Core-i7 versions and has been called one of the best values in the market.

The CTL Chromebit: Take It With You

A Chromebit is a tiny “stick” PC that runs Google's Chrome OS operating system. At just under 5 inches, our popular ASUS Chromebit CS10 Sticks are currently the smallest Chrome OS devices. They’re powerful ones, though.

A Chromebit can turn an HDMI display such a computer monitor or a television into a fully functioning computer, with 100 GB Google drive space. This means it can function as a computer.

You just need to connect to either a touchscreen monitor or a non-touch monitor and keyboard combination. For this, we recommend our CTL Chromebox CTL22CBX1T 2-in-1 with IP2154T 22" Touch Display.