Chromebook Accessories 

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new wireless keyboard or pen tablet, CTL has an extensive assortment of Chromebook accessories that are compatible with many Chromebook models. Browse through our collection to find affordable and certified accessories that’ll work seamlessly with your Chromebook laptop.

What are the must-have Chromebook accessories?

From keyboards to speakers, there are several Chromebook parts and accessories to chose from. This can make it overwhelming to know which ones you really need for your Chromebook. To help you, here are few must-have Google Chromebook accessories that can keep your Chromebook in good condition for as long as possible while getting you through your busy day:

  • Laptop charger 
  • Protective case
  • Laptop bag
  • Screen protector

In addition to the must-haves mentioned above, there are several Chromebook pro accessories that you can invest in to elevate your Chromebook, including wireless keyboards and drawing tablets. If you’re working from home or attending virtual classes, you can even consider an LED computer monitor to work more comfortably and faster. 

At CTL, we carry an extensive assortment of Chromebook accessories that are affordable and compatible with several Chromebook models. To narrow down your search and find an accessory suitable for your Chromebook device, use the tags on the left-hand side of the page.

What kinds of accessories can I buy for Chromebook?

You can buy a variety of accessories for your Chromebook tablet or laptop, such as battery packs, SD cards, and headphones. Ultimately, the accessories you purchase should align with your needs and the work you’ll conduct on your Chromebook. For instance, if you’re a digital artist, you may need a stylus and pen tablet. Alternatively, if you’re a student that commutes to and from school, a carrying case with handles will protect your Chromebook as you go about your busy day. 

Regardless of which accessories you decide to purchase, make sure that they’ll work with your Google Chromebook. Otherwise, you risk buying an accessory that’s not compatible with your device. Fortunately, CTL is your go-to for certified Chromebook accessories. Browse through our selection of accessories for Chromebooks to take your laptop or tablet to the next level.

What accessories does a Chromebook come with?

All Chromebooks include a few accessories, but the specific accessories that come with your Chromebook depend on the particular model or bundle. For instance, the CTL Chromebook NL71TW and Chromebook NL71TWB provide buyers with a Wacom® EMR pen, so users can write notes, draw, or highlight papers with ease. In general, the most common accessory for new and refurbished Chromebooks is a laptop charger. 

Next time you’re looking for Chromebook accessories, don’t hesitate to shop from CLT—your premier provider of Google Chrome laptops, tablets, mini PCs, parts, and more.